So, I have a confession to make; I am a shopping mom, I love shopping, and I love taking my kids with me when I shop for them. I was chatting with an old friend last week, (we ran into each other at the bank), and we started talking about our kids and ended up talking about shopping for them.

From her story, her daughter does not really speak up about what she likes or doesn’t like when they go shopping together and of course, this had her worried, so I shared some of the things I’ve learnt over time with her. Going with my kids on shopping trips, especially for their clothing, has opened my eyes to many things and here are three of those things.


I used to shop from two different kids’ clothing stores until about a year ago, and my daughter is the reason I finally stuck to the best one. When we wanted to celebrate her three-year-old birthday, I took her to one of the stores to shop for her birthday clothes, and my usually expressive little Princess sat quietly through the shopping trip, she didn’t seem to have an opinion about the clothes. After we showed her the fifth dress and still got the same reaction from her, I quietly asked if she wanted to leave and I got a very firm affirmative nod in response. When we got to the other store, her reaction was the exact opposite. She was excited, bouncy and loved practically everything.

I would not have been happy buying a birthday dress for my three-year-old that she would not have been happy to wear.


‘Too big’ and ‘too small’ fall in the same category when it comes to kids’ clothing, they are called ‘ill-fitting’ clothes and these kind of clothes don’t do well for a kid’s comfort and confidence. So when shopping for my kids, the clothes have to fit just right. I know they could outgrow the clothes in a matter of months but it’s totally worth it if it guarantees my babies’ comfort and overall, confidence.


Kids may not always speak up, but it does not make them comfortable with every fashion item we buy for them. When your kids don’t express an opinion in areas they usually will, it is a definite indication that something is wrong. They either do not like the clothes or the place or they are preoccupied with something. If they are not preoccupied with something else, then it may be best to find a different store where the clothes and ambience make them comfortable.

These factors guide my shopping choices for my kids and after each shopping trip, all three of us are usually quite happy. Thank you Ruff ‘n’ Tumble for making this easy and making your store environment welcoming enough for my kids to want to come back.

Anyway, after the conversation with my friend in the bank, what do you think she did next? I got a call from her asking when I would be free to take her and her daughter shopping in my favourite kids’ store, so I guess I just found another opportunity to do one of the things I love doing. It really is fun to be me!

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Ajide Hairat April 18, 2020

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