Do you ever have those days you wish you had seventy-two (72) hours in a day instead of twenty-four (24)? This happens to me almost every day. With so much to do and achieve, trying to do it all in twenty-four (24) hours can get a bit overwhelming sometimes, especially if you have super active kids like mine.

In the midst of all the activities, you have the added task of keeping your kids stylish for every single time they have to show up somewhere, and if any of your kids is as opinionated as my daughter when it comes to her sense of style, it means ‘dress-up’ time really is a court session with each person stating their case, and you agree with me that this is never a short session, so to shorten my ‘dress-up’ sessions with the kids, here are 3 tips I always keep in mind.


If you ever have to choose between your kids feeling comfortable in an outfit and your kids making a fashion statement with an outfit, always choose comfort. A child who is comfortable in what he/she has on is more likely to feel confident and happy and will not be distracted by ill-fitting or itchy clothes.


When styling your kids, it is important to reflect their personality in their outfits as this helps them develop and understand their own sense of style as they grow. For instance, my daughter is very bright and happy, quite opinionated, and she happens to love pink which really is a perfect reflection of her bright and noticeable personality. My son loves to tumble and have fun, he loves games and sports and loves to be super comfortable, is there any surprise really, that he loves sneakers so much? I see sneakers as a reflection of his personality as well.


Trends are a great way to know how to dress your kids for specific occasions, on this note, Pinterest is your friend. I love Ruff ‘n’ Tumble’s Pinterest page as their pictures give me clues on how to style certain fashion items for my kids.

So, even when I’m in a hurry, these three simple tips help make styling my kids a lot easier and faster and even fun, because sometimes I let them look through the Pinterest images with me. It gives me clues as well of the kind of style they are naturally pulled to. I hope this helps shorten your ‘dress-up’ time with your kids and helps increase the number of hours in your busy days by at least one.

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I would love get updates on ruf and table on kids latest

Anne Pepple April 18, 2020

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