Once upon a time, all kids had for entertainment were other kids and parents who had mastered the art of story-telling under a moon-lit sky, these stories made kids very happy. Times have changed and so have we; I remember one day, growing up, my dad called us all into the sitting room to announce to us that he would be taking us all shopping for clothes in a new kids’ store that had just opened in town, my goodness! Oh the joy my siblings and I felt that night.

This might make you ask, what then really makes a child happy? Especially with the numerous things they have access to these days. Truth is, there are basic things that will not change regardless of the times, here are 5 of those things;


Kids that know they are loved are happy kids. I tell my kids all the time that I love them, they have heard it so much that they now believe it and they feel it. I also show physical affection through hugs and pecks and sometimes just affectionate pats on the arm or back, these physical expressions of love have been psychologically proven to help a child feel safe, loved and happy.


Yes, yes! I know that kids’ needs should be met but, why? Isn’t it amazing how safe, loved and happy a child feels when they get new clothes, especially when you take them shopping in a premium store, or you buy them new toys or they get something they love eating. These things are basic but they are a guarantee to having your kids stay happy


Do you remember whenever you did something as a child, and either or both of your parents made it a huge deal and celebrated you? Do you remember how you felt? Now, do you remember when you did something you thought was amazing and they trivialized it (if they did)? Do you remember how you felt? exactly! Your opinion on what your kids do or say or even put on is very important to them. So when you praise them and tell them when they do amazing things, even seemingly little things, it’s a source of happiness that cannot be described, and it also lets them know that they have a support system in you.


I know this sounds trivial but a cranky child is not a happy child, and when most kids don’t sleep properly they get cranky. If you’ve ever had a teething child, then you know how exhausting it is for you and for the child. So prioritise their sleeping hours and you’re sure to have them rested and happy.


When kids know that mummy and daddy think they are smart, it not only makes them happy but it also increases their confidence level. Listening to them on issues, ranging from how they would love to style a particular outfit to how they think money came into the world is super important.

Making kids happy and teaching them happiness really is the underlying factor behind all we do for them as parents. So let’s keep the minis happy, as this makes us happy as well.

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