Who’s the Coolest Dad in the World? You Are!

Dear daddy, you may not feel cool always or even at all but what if we told you that you really are the coolest dad in the world?

Ah! Yes! You are probably thinking ‘I only go to work and pay bills. Where is the time to be cool?’

Oh well, in our books, that is what being ‘cool’ really is. Being ‘cool’ is more than just exhibiting youthful energy. Well, that is part of being the cool dad but to be cool means you are willing to go all out for your children.

You will go through the heavens and high waters just to see your kids happy and that shows a high level of responsibility.

Sometimes, you do not even have it altogether yourself but you still make sure to hold the forte for your kids and family at large.

Being a rock to your children at all times, regardless of whatever you may be going through is literally the coolest thing ever! We do not know many people who are as strong as you.

But there is just one question we will like to ask you. Think deeply and maybe do a little bit of self-reflection before you answer. We know you are doing a cool job as a dad but how often do you show your cool side to your kids?

Do they only know daddy to be grumpy or do they think you are fun? Or you probably do not even know how to be cool anymore. We will fix that for you in this simple read.

Introducing Our Father’s Day collection; an ‘anco’ Ankara collection designed to help you look cooler, for you and your kids. This collection is a fun easy-breezy one filled with prints and colours of the best kind and quality.

 clothes for children

As we take you through the beauty of this collection, we will like to also give you just 2 easy tips on how to activate your cool side and get your kids screaming “My dad is the coolest dad in the world’, at every function.

Prioritize Playtime

Playtime is very important, especially for your kids. It helps you bond better with them. It helps you know and understand your kids way better.

With that, you can communicate better with them. It becomes easier to have those awkward conversations e.g. sex talk. When they are used to confiding in you like that, conversations like that will not even be awkward at all.

Won’t it be so cool that you are the one person they can talk to about anything? Give this a try and thank us later.



Okay, technically, we mean twinning outfits. What we will rather call ‘anco’. You have no idea how important it is to twin with your child every now and then till you actually do it.

And if you think ‘anco’ is only for mothers and kids, then you are in for an exciting shock. Take a look at our Blue Ankara Short Sleeve Shirt for fathers and sons. And for little princesses? We have the same fine Ankara print but as an elasticated flared skirt.

clothes for children

Daddy and Son

You and your charming little prince can style this shirt by flying it as a jacket to reveal a plain white tee shirt on the inside. Accentuate this look with either a pair of full-length denim pants or cobalt blue or white shorts. Put the icing on the cake with a pair of matching blue socks and plain white sneakers.

clothes for boys

Daddy and Daughter

Daddy-daughter bond is always so cute to watch. You want to show her how she should be treated. You want to set the standards high.

And when it comes down to twinning outfits, she can be styled in our elasticated Ankara flared skirt. Style skirt with a white shirt on the inside and a denim jacket over the white shirt.

Let the sleeves of the shirt be folded right underneath the folded sleeves of the denim jacket. To completely finish this look, accentuate style with a pair of chunky black and white sneakers and a Fedora hat.

clothes for girls

We have several more options to make your ‘anco’ season even better. Simply visit our retail stores nationwide or shop on https://www.ruffntumblekids.com/collections/fathers-day

And remember we are always rooting for you because you are the coolest daddy in the whole world!

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