Trendy Ankara Styles for Your Kids in 2023

It may look like we are just in the middle of the year, 2023 but with the emergence of so many styles, you will think the year is already over.

When did all these new trends and ideas come to light? And in no time too? Fashion is just amazing!

While some styles just came to light, there is one ‘VIP’ we must recognize. This ‘VIP’ trend makes sure to make a stylish appearance every year. Imagine being relevant every single year.

ankara boys shirt

ankara  boys shirt

Mummies and daddies, boys and girls, let us give it up for the colourful Ankara material! It is that one ‘VIP’ material that you can use to create a whole variety of trendy styles.

ankara boys shirt

And even in 2023, our beloved Ankara has given us many reasons to design amazing fashion for your children.

Speaking of new trends in the Ankara world for your kids, brace up because it is about to be an exciting ride through the world of fashion from here on.


Remember when you used to think you could not mix and match your Ankara pieces? Well, let us just say that era is over and there is a new dawn.

Now, you can totally style two different Ankara materials together. To style two different prints together, pair an Ankara shirt with pants, skirts or shorts that are of a different Ankara material entirely.

But there is also another unique way we do it over here. What if we told you that one shirt can be designed with two different Ankara materials?

Although there is a trick to this. Here is the secret. You have to know your colours. Make sure you pair Ankara materials whose colours harmonize perfectly.

But even if you are not quite good with colours, we are here to style you and give you styling tips. We know you really want to see how one shirt can have two Ankara materials. So, take a look at our Yellow-Blue pattern-on-pattern Ankara shirt.

boys clothes

boys ankara clothes

We highly recommend that your son keep this shirt buttoned up in a formal setting but for that cool look, especially during the summer, fly the shirt to reveal a white tee on the inside.

He can style this shirt with a pair of blue shorts or pants. Accentuate this look with a pair of plain white sneakers or better still, wear complementary blue and yellow sneakers.

Patten-on-pattern Ankara styles are here to stay, so your kids should join the trendy train now.

Ankara Shirt Dress

Instead of styling your princesses in plain boring shirt dresses, opt for the ones with prints and colours.

Thankfully, we have them too. Shirt dresses are comfortable and they ensure your daughter enjoys maximum comfort during playtime or a fun day out.

The floaty nature of our Ankara shirt dress just makes it even more beautiful. It gives your princess that beauty of feminine youth. This dress puts a glow on her appearance that you cannot even begin to imagine. Well, unless you come in and shop for her.

girls clothes

girls ankara dresses

The black silver-embellished collar complements the black layer where the buttons sit pretty. Peep the flared fitting of the dress and the sleeveless design, just perfect for the summer.

Style this pretty dress with a matching hair bow and a pair of lovely gold sandals or black ballerinas.

Two-Piece Ankara Fashion

When you talk about trends that are steal glances from everyone, you cannot miss out the famous two-piece Ankara fashion.

boys ankara shirts

One beautiful thing about this trend is that both your boys and girls can rock it.

For Your Girls

A round of applause for our blue and yellow halter neck two-piece set. This set features a floral yellow-blue halter neck top and blue shorts.

Just one glance at the top and you will notice the frilled blue sleeves that completes the yellow colour of the whole top. The back of the top is a rope tied around the neck to form a cut at the top. At the base, the top continues in the same beautiful yellow material.

ankara girls clothes

The elasticated style of the shorts on the waist and knees makes it quite comfy, chic and breathable. This means that this whole set is just great for your adventurous beautiful daughter.

For Your Boys

Style meets class in our iconic two-piece Cuban set. This set features a graphic blue Ankara short-sleeved shirt and a complementary breathable short.

ankara boys shirts

boys ankara shirts

Style with a pair of active sandals or blue sneakers.

boys ankara shirt

You need to hop into the trendy train with our range of Ankara styles. So what are you waiting for? Visit our stores or shop on

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