Spread Love in Our Elegant Sallah Collection

For a lot of reasons, Sallah celebrations make the both of us so happy. Asides the fact that it is a holiday and you finally find some time to rest, it is an opportunity for you to showcase your style all through the season.

Whether you are the host, sharing the famous ‘ram meat’ or you are the guest doing the eating, one thing is certain about this season: you want to look your best.

But what if we told you that ‘Sallah meat’ is not the only way to spread love during Eid? Have you tried gifting your kids or your neighbor’s kids something elegant from our Sallah collection?

Every year, you visit your friends during Eid and share good laughter and sumptuous meals, empty handed. This year has to be different. Show them you understand the essence of their celebration by not only always going to eat there but also give too.

We have a few great ideas of some of the outfits you can gift your kids, friends’ kids or perhaps, your neighbor’s kids, this holiday.

Our Burgundy Damask Beauty

This dress is gorgeous! It is a depiction of the joy of Sallah and the beauty that accompanies it. This sartorial elegance is a must have in your daughter’s wardrobe and thankfully, we are right in time for her to look all graceful and charming all through this festive season.

This gorgeous dress features the aesthetic fusion of damask and embellished tulle.

girls clothes

 At the top of the dress is a beautiful design that has a semblance to the wings of a butterfly in its prime.

clothes for girls

 The bottom of the dress is a flamboyant ball that gives your daughter the look of royalty.

 Accentuate this look with complementary black panty hose, a pair of black ballerinas and matching burgundy turban.

girls clothes for sallah

 We totally recommend this dress so your daughter turns heads as soon as she walks into the room.

 Our Navy Blue Kaftan.

 If you need to see just how fast your son is growing, shop our Navy Blue Kaftan and watch your boy transform into a little man right before your eyes.

When people see him in this outfit, expect questions like ‘Hello, is this the next president of Nigeria?’ because he will look super confident and ambitious.

When our rich culture and heritage meets style, you get our simple but fashionable Kaftan.

boys clothes

 The top of this lightweight set is a long-sleeved shirt that is almost knee-length. The shirt can be unbuttoned in the warm weather or buttoned up in a more formal setting.

clothes for boys

 The bottom of this set is a plain full-length trouser. Style this look with a pair of contrasting white sneakers.

 We will always advise you to dress for the occasion, so you will agree with us that this simply, stylish outfit is spot on for the Eid celebrations.

boys clothes


 Who is in the garden? A pretty baby girl in a prettier pink dress. Lol.

 This dress is the absolute truth. With a bright pink colour that captures the essence of youth, your daughter will go through the events of the Sallah celebration with an open and joyful heart.

 This pretty pink dress features bold ball sleeves that are elasticated at their ends.

girls clothes

 At the top of this dress is a design that takes the semblance or two separate ends of a bow being united.

 The bottom of this dress is a pretty ball design.

girls clothes

 Accentuate this look with a pair of complementary glossy pink ballerinas and floral hair-bow.

clothes for girls

 There is just so much love you need to give this season and beyond and we sincerely hope your hearts open up to the endless possibilities that sharing love offers you.

 As Sallah approaches, we hope you come into our stores or shop on https://www.ruffntumblekids.com/collections/salah  to share love to kids all around the world.

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