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There are so many memories of your children that bring you immense joy. From their first steps as babies to when they learn how to call out ‘mama’.

But one thing that is consistent with your children is that at every stage of their life, there is significant growth. This means that they always graduate from one phase to the other.

And in all of these many phases of graduation, academic graduation stands out for a number of different reasons.

First, academic graduation is proof of their knowledge, broadening. It is proof that they are one step closer to becoming the people that will revolutionize the old, and make great impact in the world with new ideas.

The gratification your children get from holding their academic awards of excellence is unparalleled. Complete set of teeth or not, you will find them all smiles. They just want to scream ‘Mama, I made it!’.

children clothes

As they walk up to the podium to receive their awards and certificates or maybe give that ‘fire’ graduation speech, they need to look their best, like the young achievers they really are.

And you are just in time to see some of the classic and stylish pieces we have in store for you.

For Your Princesses

Let us start by saying that we know different schools have their colours and often times than not, they require your girls to come dressed in those specific colours.

And although we want to tell you about all the colours of elegant dresses we have in store for you, we simply cannot because that means both you and I will stay here the whole day.

So let us narrow it down to two dresses- our Yellow Gaza-bejeweled Dress and White Beaded Net Dress.

Yellow Gaza-Bejeweled Dress

Celebrating your daughter’s achievement just got brighter in this yellow number. Here is a dainty dress for your dainty princess.

 This yellow dress features frilled sleeves that rest on a square shaped neckline. 

girls dresses

clothes for girls

 The top of this dress is designed to be high so that the embellished band starts above the actual waistline.

 The simple ball design of this dress allows the bow at the back to sit pretty.

 Accentuate this look with a pair of matching yellow hair-bow and a pair of silver ballerinas for that beautiful youthful silhouette.


White Beaded Net Dress

When she looks at her report card and gives you that satisfying look of success, you will see the rays of innocent joy as she sits in this white number.

clothes for girls

 This white dress features ball sleeves and soft tulle at the far top. Still at the top, the tulle continues into a proper embellished design throughout.

girls dresses

 With a flare design at the base, your daughter can float around in joy as she moves up the academic ladder.

 Accentuate this look with a pair of silver ballerinas.

 For Your Little Man

You know, there is a look for young achievers. A look that one seemingly cannot ignore. Even if he gets cold feet and does not feel up to delivering that graduation speech that you have prepped him to give every day and night for a week or even two, you can raise his confidence by a 100% in the outfit suggestions we have for you.

 Two-Piece Suit.

Get your son looking like a young achiever in this savvy gentleman style.

 This suit features a simple black jacket and a pair of full-length pants.

 Style this suit with a plain white shirt, all buttoned up, and a classic black bow tie.

suit for boys

 Accentuate this look with a cummerbund on the waistline for that sophisticated look.

Complete this look with a pair of black socks and formal shoes.

 Three-Piece Suit

Let him show up and show off in this sophisticated gentleman style.

 This suit features a simple navy blue jacket, waistcoat and a pair of full-length pants.

 Style this suit with a plain white shirt, all buttoned up, and a classic golden bow tie.

three piece suit for boys

three piece suit for boys

 Accentuate this look with a golden handkerchief to form a golden pocket square in the breast pocket of this jacket.

 Complete this look with a pair of black socks and formal shoes.

 A whole world of elegance is sitting pretty and waiting for you in our stores. Visit our retail stores nationwide or click https://www.ruffntumblekids.com/collections/graduation to shop all the clothes your kids will need for their graduation.

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