How Ready Are They for The Summer Adventure?!

Show us a child who does not love summer, we will wait!

Obviously you will have us waiting forever because children love their vacation. It is their ‘me’ time! And you know who else love the holidays? You! Yes, you.

It is either you look forward to spending quality time with your kids and going to fun places or you look forward to having your own ‘me’ time too because you will be sending them to their grandma for the holidays.

Trust us, there is no judgement on this side because really, you deserve a break too. The most important thing is that they are happy, you are happy, everyone is happy.

girls dresses

And since it is summer time, let them unleash the adventure! School has probably been keeping all their adventurous side in check. Now that they have enough time on their hands, be ready to see it all; their creative side, their daring side, their talents…everything!

For that hot summer time adventure, or sometimes, cold summer time adventure, they will need the right comfy outfits that are not just premium but also rich in colours and inspires their every adventure.

girls clothes for the summer

We are itching to show you some of what we have, are you ready? Let us do this.

For Your Barbie

Your daughter is a breathing work of art, perfect, a real life Barbie princess. But even Barbie likes to play. Let your daughter have the time of her life in our comfy, chic two-piece lounge set.

lounge set for girls

This breathable silky set allows for easy movement as your girl plays around in the cool summer breeze. The long sleeves are just perfect for the cool weather and the matching shorts makes it stylish.

After a long day at the beach or in the bestie’s house, your daughter will need that cozy outfit to relax in when she gets back.

Although it looks like a sleepwear, a lounge set and a sleepwear are totally different. A lounge set is so comfy to wear anywhere around the home or anywhere not too far from the home but it is also very appropriate for outings.

A sleepwear however, is not appropriate for outings. It should be worn when your daughter refreshes herself and she appears ready for bed at night time.

lounge set for girls

The good thing with a lounge wear is that your daughter can dress it up for day time. She could accentuate this look with a pair of comfy slip-ons when she is going out or casual slides when she is home or anywhere around the home.

For Your Prince Charming

Boys will be boys all summer, all play with no care in the world as they discuss their favorite super heroes and why they love them.

It is an adventurous life for these ones. Mummy, Daddy, spice it up with the right outfit. Let them be confident and trendy as they hang out all summer.

Keep your boy looking fly in our pattern-on-pattern Ankara set.

ankara clothes for boys

This summer-friendly set is not one that should sit in our stores on just in the wardrobe. Let your son soak up the fun in the summer sun in this eye-catching Ankara combo.

The shirt is a short-sleeved colourful Ankara shirt with a firm collar and the short is well above the knee to give his legs that masculine silhouette. No better way to raise your boy’s confidence.

This set looks even better when you unbutton the shirt to reveal a white tee on the inside. We highly recommend accentuating this look with a pair of sunglasses and burgundy sneakers.

Just the thought of what your son will look like gives us so much joy. We are hoping you send us your amazing summer pictures when you rock our Summer Collection.

ankara clothes for boys

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Summer shopping is best done now, so why not come in and shop with us? We will be waiting to receive you with the warmth of summer.

Don’t think you can make it to our stores? That is okay too. Just visit and shop as much as you want.

Soak up the sun and have fun this summer!

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