Fun Activities to Do with Your Kids This Summer

Summer is here and with this season brings the warmth of comfort for your kids; knowing that they are free from the routine of school, homework, early bedtime and that before-school rush that throws them into a frenzy of irritation.

Okay, they are not totally free from all that yet but at least for now, they are! So, what are you going to do with it? Same thing you do every summer; leave them with the nanny constantly and go about your business? We hope not!

From vacations to storytelling, bakeoffs/cook-offs to shopping sprees; we hope in this fun read, you find new ways to bond with your kids this summer.

Dive into The World of Stories

Does your child know why the tortoise has a cracked shell till date? Or did the popular folklore end with you?

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A story is like a mirror that helps your children teleport to the great world of imagination where greatness lives. When you tell them stories, you do not only help them unravel some rich parts of our culture, you also expand their intelligence.

‘How so?’, you ask. Here’s the thing. When you tell your kids stories, especially folklores, they view every piece of that story in their imagination. You are giving them an opportunity to create! And when they do, they can decide to further add to that story in their head, and that is how they discover that anything is actually possible as long as they can visualize it in their head.

When you tell your children stories, you also get excited seeing their reaction and make them warm up to you. Plus, if you care about being the favorite parent, here’s a low hanging fruit. *wink*

Nothing Like a Good Family Vacay!

What else screams ‘summer’ better than a good family vacation? Take your children to see the world! Let them learn the ways of the advanced. When they see how the system works in other parts of the world, they will mold all their learnings into one big pie of knowledge. This knowledge is what they will need to be the best at whatever they do.

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Whether it is a trip to the best sun-kissed beaches in the world, a serene escape into the mountains, a curious visit to an adventurous safari in the wild, make sure they have fun all the way this summer.

Cook-Off or Bake-Off?

Transform your kitchen into a bustling bakery or a sizzling restaurant this summer. Cooking and baking together aren't just fun activities; they’re a hands-on way to teach kids about planning, following instructions, and the joy of creating.

Choose recipes that cater to your children's tastes and let them take the lead under your guidance. Watch their faces light up with pride as they taste their homemade pizza or bite into the cookies they've baked. This summer, create a symphony of flavors in your kitchen and orchestrate memories that your kids will savor forever.

The Fun Side of Shopping.

If your kids are not excited when you say ‘let us go shopping’, then you may just be doing it wrong. Even if it is a bunch of vegetables that they do not really like to eat, make them excited to shop them.

It could be as easy as you letting them pick exactly what they want; let them make their own choices when you take them shopping. When they feel they have a say, they become even more excited about this activity.

And if you need to have a feel of that thrill that comes with some summer shopping, walk into our stores.

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Summer is more than just a season; it's a canvas for you to paint beautiful memories with your children.

 As you dive into these activities, remember that it's not about what you do but the love and togetherness that accompany them. So laugh out loud, get your hands dirty, create, explore, and most of all, enjoy every moment of this magical summer with your kids.

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