Say Hello to Crocs! Now Available in Ruff ‘n’ Tumble

One thing you can count on us for is this; as the season change, you bet we will also step up our game, always. And this time is no different.

Although summer in some regions of the world symbolizes many fun days under the golden sun, in Nigeria, it means you will have some rainy days and some days of sunshine.

Although the weather alternates between the contrasting rainy and sunny days during the summer, one thing is sure. These days both give the promise of summer adventures untold.

You were once a child, so we know you very well understand the joy of dancing under the rain. That is just one adventure on its own. And in the sun, the beach comes calling; another minute fraction of the adventure your kids can have under the sun.

We are literally keeping steps with all these seasonal changes. Ready for the exciting news? Dear mummies and daddies, say hello to Crocs! Yes! Crocs is now available in all our retail stores nationwide!

crocs for children

There are a dozen reasons why Crocs are a must-have but one reason we will tell you is this: they are never out of style! You can rock them in different ways under the sun and in the rain too.

Speaking of rocking them, let us show you some of the Crocs we have available and how to style them.

The Aqua Blue Crocs.

One word for the aqua blue Crocs- edgy! This pair of Crocs have an elevated sole which makes it perfect for your little adventurer. It is perfect for the daydreaming child, for the child who loves life and for the child who understands the essence of fashion in their day to day activities.

crocs for boys and girls

It is great for both boys and girls and can be styled in multiple ways. Let your daughter style this pair of Crocs with a pair of denim shorts and a complementing floral top. Sitting pretty on her eyes should be a pair of yellow-rimmed sunglasses to complete the look.

Your edgy little man also needs this pair. Let him style this pair of crocs with a pair of cobalt blue shorts and a white or yellow t-shirt. Do not forget to accessorize him with a pair of white or floral socks on his feet too. Let him also strap on his crocs behind, like a sandal, as opposed to wearing it like basic flip flops.

Whichever way they choose to style their Crocs; this pair is the definition of edgy fashion!

Mocha-Perfect Crocs

Rich in style, subtle in colour and trendy is the most suitable way to describe the Mocha-Perfect Crocs. Similar in style to the Aqua Blue Crocs, the colour, however creates a different unique presence for the Mocha-Perfect Crocs.

original crocs for kids

It looks like a combination of honey maple syrup, strawberries and coffee with cream. We did not mean to make you hungry but we are talking about the colour here. Lol.

This is great for the sweet child, for the child who loves to giggle and chuckle, for the child whose eyes is never dim of a sparkle.

Style your daughter in this pair of Crocs with a pretty sundress. Pair the sundress with a denim jacket and on her hair, should be a cute hair bow. The perfect charming princess!

Your little man can go all stylish by pairing his Mocha-Perfect Crocs with a pair of white shorts and brown shirt. Unbutton the brown shirt to reveal a white t-shirt on the inside. Style has a name and it is the name of your son!

Sunset Sprinter Crocs

Like the name implies, this pair of Crocs is for the child who lives for fun. They love to play, imagine, create, explore, try new things, fail, try again and succeed.

You will find them running around in the sunset, on the beach or building sand castles. This pair of Crocs is just right for the child who walks into a room and leaves everyone stunned with their presence, even after they are long gone from the room.

crocs for kids

Style your daughter in this pair of Crocs with a chic crop top and a pair of full-length pants. Make sure she accessorizes with a bucket hat or a pair of sunglasses. For a day on the beach, a floral two piece set which consists of a sleeveless top and matching shorts, is just right with this pair of Crocs.

For your boy, style this pair of Crocs with a pair of blue shorts and orange t-shirt. With a pair of sunglasses on his eyes, this outfit is a hit.

Trust us, we want to show you all the range of Crocs we have but that means this read will be a long one and we do not intend to keep you here any longer.

crocs for children

Walk into our stores to shop various sizes, colours and designs of Croc or shop here

Be our guest, and let us Croc your world!

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