Get Their Back-to-School Essentials On Lock

Is it not amazing how everything must come to an end? We mean it was not long ago your children graduated and anticipated the summer.

Then, summertime came and they were elated. It is time to relax and play after all. And now? Summer is almost over within the twinkling of an eye.

Moments like these make us wish we can pause time and just take in the moment one more time. Although the vacation ends now, fun does not have to end.

Let your kids know that school time can equally be fun time when their style is up. Let them know that they are back to school but forward in fashion.

Speaking of school style, did you think we will leave you alone to worry about school essentials? Definitely not!

We have a wide range or school shoes, school bags, and even under wears to keep them comfortable so they focus on easy learning.

underwear for girls

Ready to see some of them? Okay, we are too!

School Shoes

‘Put your best foot forward’ just sounded so real with our wide range of sturdy school shoes for children.

Our school shoes for boys are a perfect blend of rugged resilience and suave sophistication. Whether he's racing around the playground or solving complex math problems (future mathematician in the making, anyone?), our range ensures he's got the right school shoes to conquer it all.

From classic Velcro straps that offer a quick and easy fit, to cushioned insoles that guarantee comfort even during the longest lessons, we've got your young scholar covered. The durable outsoles provide extra grip so he can showcase his moves with confidence.

Girls, it's time to strut your stuff with shoes that are as fierce as you are! Our school shoes for girls’ blend fashion-forward design with the practicality needed for a day of learning and laughter. Whether she's rocking the classroom or leading the recess runway, she'll radiate confidence from the ground up.

school shoes for children

Our range of school shoes for children come in various sizes and styles from sturdy shoes to sneakers. Keep school on lockdown with them.

 School Backpacks

Our backpacks for boys are here to level up their style game while they conquer the world. With colors that pop and designs that rock, these backpacks aren't just accessories; they're their sidekicks in the journey of awesomeness. Let them stash their treasures, pack their dreams, and show the world that they're ready to take on any challenge, all while looking seriously stylish.

backpacks for children

Our backpacks for girls are a symphony of charm and chicness. From delightful florals that bloom like their dreams, to sophisticated solids that radiate confidence, these backpacks are all about making a statement wherever they go.

schoolbag for children

schoolbag for children

Quality Underwear

When the underwear is right, everything else just seems to fall into place. Comfort starts from underneath and this same comfort is a key ingredient to effective learning.

Keep your princess comfortable with our bra tops, panties, singlets and other essentials. Does she like matching sets, or perhaps florals do it for her or who knows? Your daughter might just be the plain coloured undies kind of girl. We have all she needs.

girls underwear

bra top and pants for girls

shorts for girls

Briefs, boxers, singlets, vests in different colours are also available for your little gentleman, all of which are well tailored with soft and breathable fabrics to keep him cozy and comfortable; oozing with confidence.

boys underwear

There is a lot more than we can explain right here and now, but when you walk into our stores, or on  you get the chance to feed your eyes to a plethora of all the essentials your children need to keep school on lockdown!

We will be expecting you, yes? Great! Have a wonderful time, shopping with us.

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