What You Need to Do as They Go Back to School

The annoying buzzing sound of the alarm clock, short sleeping hours, less time for their favorite cartoons and not enough time to catch their breath as they sharpen their pencils, waiting for periods upon periods of both the interesting and boring subjects. Sigh! Definitely not their favorite part of being a child but it is an essential one: school time.

While some kids look forward to school hours, others simply cannot wait for school to be over so they get to see their favorite episodes of SpongeBob Square-Pants. Or do whatever they happen to love.

But one thing that is similar in the cases of all kids is that school time is equal to more stress for them. The early morning rush hours, grasping all sorts of knowledge wedged in between school periods. As if all of this is not is enough, some even have to attend after-school lessons.

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The last thing they need is a distant mummy or daddy. We get it. You work hard, you are tired too. You just want to come home sometimes and tend to yourself alone. We understand and it is not selfish at all. But a lot happens these days that need your attention.

On that note, here are a few things you need to do as they go back to school.

Have that Chit-Chat

Find the time to have conversations with your children. Do not just leave them with the tab and the internet. A lot happens on the internet. What are they watching? What stranger is talking to them online? Find out when you speak to them.

Get them to be your friends. Do not shut them out when they try to tell you about that funny thing their BFF did the other day or why they dislike a particular subject. They may be on to something that gives you a clear direction on the career path to map out for them.

More importantly, do not dismiss them easily when they tell you about that teacher they are not comfortable with or that student that always want to trip them over, with their lunch in their hands. In a world where a lot is happening, befriending your kids is very important in building their esteem, value and their direction in life.

Also, ‘mummy is home’ or ‘daddy is home’ should not be a spear of terror that runs through them whenever they hear it. Make them look forward to your presence with healthy, honest chit-chats. It does change everything, not just for now but in the future.

Build their Confidence Through Fashion

If you have heard ‘when you look good, you feel good’ or ‘dress the way you wish to be addressed’, then you understand what we are talking about.

How they look is directly proportional to how their peers perceive them. If you remember your days as child in school, they were kids that appeared to rule the affairs of the entire class. Other students wanted to be friends with them or just be in their good books because they look like cool kids.

And there are some other kids that no one even allows to talk, how much more listen to them. Their esteem was cast low without empathy or consideration.

We are guessing you want your kids to be trendsetters with great esteem, value and confidence. You want to build them up with premium exclusive children’s clothes and all-round fashion so they feel great first, before acting great.

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From these formative years, teach them how to respect people, have great style, treat people with empathy and walk with their heads high in the realms of confidence.

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Be Prepared

Do not wait until the last minute before shopping their school supplies else you will miss out some essentials and make them unprepared too.

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You also want to skim through the previous school term’s work to jog their memories and prepare them for more learning. Go through it gently. Do not yell at them simply because they are unable to remember certain things. They are not AI. Lol. Instead re-teach them if you have to.

Healthy Routine

Let us talk about the elephant in the room now. We understand that once in a while, you may be running late or be too tired yourself to fix them breakfast in that early school morning rush but it is not enough to just stop at their favorite pastries corner and get them lots of donuts with jelly for breakfast.

As opposed to that, try fixing them a quick toast or just packing up their sandwiches. Too tired to do it yourself? Okay buy that instead of donuts and meat pie.

Ensure that their lunch has a little bit of all they need for cognitive growth; fruits, veggies, carbs, protein etc.

PS: your kids have no business going on the same keto diet you are on. Lol. That is not the kind of healthy meals we speak of. They need the nutrients to grow.

Also regulate their sleeping hours. Hours meant for resting should not be used to watch Barbie’ or their favorite TV shows.

Okay, we think with this information, you are pretty much set for great parenting as your children head back to school.

Oh! and don’t forget to get their school supplies here. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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