The Power of Friendship


Friendship is one ‘ship’ that could sail for as long as forever lasts and though the journey will not be entirely smooth, it will be totally worth it.

Why? Because you just get it. You guys click and even when disagreements arise, you just know that ‘this is my person and it is going to be alright’.

Although you send your kids to the best schools, friendship is still not part of the curriculum because it is not something that can be taught there. It is a bond life gifts us.

And when this bond is nurtured properly with mutual love and respect, you may have just hit one of life’s jackpots: having a bestie!

girls and boys clothes

Having a bestie means having a support system, someone to always listen to you, a shoulder to lean on. It means having a person that pushes you to do and be better. Quality friendships will teach you that not everyone is replaceable and sometimes your bestie may fill the void that even a sibling can’t. That is the power of friendship.

Remember when you were little and you thought you and your bestie will be inseparable? What happened to that bond now? Did it disappear with time or did it age like fine wine?

Whichever way it turned out, you know better now and you can teach your children about the importance of maintaining friendships.

Speaking of maintaining friendships, we know that twinning is one great way to do that. And guess what? We have just the right outfits for your kids to twin with their BFFs on Best Friends Day.

Girl Besties

You already know that when two girl besties walk into the room, in the same outfit, they seize the room. They walk in, bringing the heat.

Asides the fact that they are so cute to look at, it just warms your heart. It brings back the nostalgic feeling of fun times with your own best friend. You can see the dedication and the effort these little kids put in to make their friendship work. So much to learn from them!

Since Best Friends Day is around the corner, why not gift your little princess and her BFF our 3-piece set. Your daughter can be styled in our short-sleeved red and white striped hoodie. Style with complementary red long-sleeved blouse underneath the hoodie and matching red joggers.

girls clothes

Her BFF can totally wear the same outfit in a different colour which is our White and black striped hoodie. Just like your princess, she can style up this look with complementary white long-sleeved blouse and matching breathable black joggers.

girls clothes

When you accentuate look with a pair of plain white sneakers, you know you have just put the icing on the cake!

girls clothes

Boy Besties

We know you are thinking: ‘do boys even twin?’

Well, we get it. We totally understand that boy BFFs are a special kind of people. Lol. And yes, they twin too!

If you shop outfits as cool as our Grey long sleeved hoodie sweatshirt, why won’t they rock it happily?

This seat features a graphic grey hoodie with long sleeves and matching grey joggers. Let your son and his best friend style this hoodie with either a white or black tee shirt on the inside.

 boys clothes

Fly hoodie to reveal the simple but stylish tee shirt, for a dapper look. Accentuate look with matching pairs of plain white sneakers.

With us, you will always find something your boys can twin in even if they do not want to twin from head to toe. They could twin with just matching pairs of shoes, socks or even shirts.

From boys shorts to tees to shirts to shoes and even the accessories, our range is just wide!

As you teach your kids the importance of maintaining quality friendships, also come strengthen their bond with their BFF with our fun besties collection.

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