Nurture their Creativity with Our Fun Children’s Day Collection.

Oh Children! What is not to love about them? Their creativity, imagination or absolutely funny ways of describing things? Or is it their ability to see the good in everything? So young, carefree and innocent.

You may not know it but they have also helped to build your character, lol. Remember when you were much younger and you thought your tolerance level was low? Now, they are here, can you see how patient you have become? You see what we are saying? Lol.

Even when they upset you, they are so cute at it. You do not know whether to laugh or scold them sometimes and this is all part of the joy they bring to our lives.

Children’s Day is fast approaching. You should let them know how much you love them. Although, we highly recommend that you let them know you love them every chance you get but on a day like this, you definitely need to go the extra mile.

For the love of their little giggles, cute smiles and untamed creativity, we have designed an exclusive colourful, fun Children’s Day Collection.

boys clothes

children's clothes

This collection is a semblance of their youthfulness, a reflection of their happy-go-lucky attitude, and all they need to unleash all that creativity they keep within themselves. Let the world see it. It is about time.

For Your Girls

Little princess is going to need all the confidence she can get to show the world how creative she really is.

Truth be told, it is at this age that you get to build her esteem. Let her know she runs the world and no one can bully or stop her shine. Teach her to have a voice.

And the way she looks will definitely affect the way she feels. when her friends see her, let them go home and tell their parents they want what your daughter is putting on because she is a trendsetter. Teach her to be the standard with our Children’s Day Collection.

For the love of all that is fun and creative, go for our White Graphic Print Hoodie. This hoodie reflects the joy of childhood. All that she is and wants to be, is better envisioned in colours, so why not?

Style this hoodie with a full length blue denim pants in the cool weather and when it is a lot warmer, switch that for some blue, black or red shorts. Take this style up a notch with a pair of red socks and plain white sneakers.

girls clothes

And because accessories just make everything better, you may want to elevate her style with a bucket hat or some chic pair of sunglasses. You see that our Children’s Day collection is just perfect for your little girl, right?

For Your Boys

In a blink of an eye, your cute son will grow into a handsome man. But right now, he is young and vibrant.

Look at him as that young explorer, who does not know what to do with all that energy and creativity he has.

Help him nurture it and point him to a direction. Then, make him confident enough with our Children’s Day collection.

Your energetic little man will look like quite the stunner in our Navy Blue Varsity Jacket. Its firm standing collar and elasticated base makes for a sporty style. The elasticated wrist makes this breathable jacket even more comfortable.

When it is cold, the jacket can be buttoned up to provide warmth and when it is warm, the jacket can be unbuttoned, for a more stylish summer look.

Style this jacket with our white and blue, two-piece, tie and dye set. This two-piece set features a short and a graphic tee.

clothes for boys

The elasticated waist of the shorts ensures your son is comfortable enough to keep creating. With a rope that helps adjusts the shorts to his particular size, you have no worries about him pulling his shorts up as he plays.

The fading of the white into blue colour on the shorts just creates a perfect blend that are a sight for sore eyes.

Make this outfit colourful with a pair of red snapback, red socks and buckle up sneakers.

boys clothes

Can you see that we came prepared with our Children’s Day Collection?

So, come on in! shop at our retail stores nationwide or simply  click here to shop

Send our love to your kids this Children’s Day!

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