There Is a Genius in Every Child.


We always have a gazillion random things to tell you about but for today, let us tell you about the interesting story of Mrs. A. Hopefully, it gives you a lot to reflect on.

Come closer, this is about to get interesting.

Mrs. A is a yummy mummy, who is always looking her best, just like you. She has two adorable children, a boy and girl, whom she and her husband love so much.

Now, here is the funny thing. Her son is the literal star of the school! He’s in the football team, and when it comes down to his academics, you can count on him to bring home good grades.

Everyone loved him. He seemed to garner attention to himself naturally.

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His sister, however, appeared so different that Mrs. A thought to herself ‘how can they be siblings yet so different?’

Her daughter did not quite like numbers, so Mathematics was not her favorite subject. She is mostly on her own, loves her space and did not like to talk much.

Mrs. A did everything she could to make her daughter ‘more expressive’ or so she thought. She had done a lot of cheering for her son when he scores a goal in the football team at school or when he collected awards for winning an academic competition.

But not so much for her daughter. In fact, her daughter did not seem to care for the crowd, how much more the cheering? Mr. and Mrs. A thought hard about to break into the bubble their daughter lives in and this required paying loads of attention to her.

The A’s Journey to Discovery.

Upon paying attention to her, they realized something. She wasn’t the unhappy child they thought she was. And it took the intervention of their son for them to see it.

Just when they thought they had tried everything and it proved futile, they noticed their children discussing one day and while they were, their son said to the daughter’ It’s okay, whatever you can’t say, just draw it as usual’.

Then, it dawned on them! No need to make her ‘more expressive’ because she’s already way more expressive than everyone else was. While everyone else was living plainly, their genius daughter was living in pictures!

Embracing Their Daughter’s Genius Side

As time progressed, they established a solid interest in their daughter’s talents. And with that, their communication grew stronger, along with their bond.

In their daughter’s room, they saw different paintings, in her drawing books, on the walls. And they have always been there, it just took them a while to see it. But the good thing is they discovered it and they’re willing to nurture it till it gets to its full potential.

The Cheering

Soon enough, their daughter grew confident enough to show her genius side to the world. And she participated in the school’s art contest.

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This trendy two-piece set is very breathable, so her daughter’s comfort was guaranteed. She decided to make it even better by accessorizing with a yellow bucket hat and durable socks which matches the yellow stripes on the outfit.

She then killed the look completely with our green platform sneakers. Omg! It was such a stylish look for her artistic genius daughter.

You can guess who won right? Yep! Her daughter won the competition.

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It just shows that there is a genius in every child and when you nurture it, you bring up geniuses who wield the skills of critical thinking and problem-solving. This is what leaves an impact in the world.

Be like Mrs. A

Mrs. A shopped to heighten her daughter’s confidence. You should too!

Especially now that our fun and colourful Children’s Day collection is out. It is a reflection of the youth, innocence and creativity that bursts through your kids each day.

This collection will help them to be confident enough to share their uniqueness with the world.

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And always remember, there is no basic child. Just little geniuses.

And you are not a bad parent if you don’t know what their talent is yet. You’re just on your way to discovering it just like Mrs. A.

Happy shopping!

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