Transform Your Little Boy to a dapper Gentleman in Our Sophisticated Suits.

 Is it not amazing how from such young age, you can easily tell apart, the behavior of a boy from a girl? Perhaps, you as an adult are the one thinking kids are clueless, but the truth is how can they possibly be clueless when they take all the cues from you?

We guess it is safe to that kids are then, not clueless because they have your steady hands guiding them, shaping them into wonderful teens and young adults.

For you to be the Ruff ‘n’ Tumble Dad, we take it that you understand the importance of fashion, quality and poise. In this case, your little boy will definitely look to model himself after you, at least in most cases. To him, you are stronger than Thanos, The Hulk, and every member of the avengers that Marvel can think of. You are his greatest superhero.

Now that you play the role of a superhero in your son’s life, it is up to you to teach him how to charm his way to achieving anything he wants. Teach him how to walk into a room, full of charisma, enough for ten people. Teach him how to speak so confidently that people are compelled to listen.

First, Style! It all begins with style. How he is dressed is exactly how he is addressed. No one is better than your son, but now, it is not just you who should see that. Let the world see that too, in our range of exclusive sophisticated suits, designed to make your boy feel like a dapper gentleman.

suits for boys

Damask Three-piece Suits

Your son is everything he thinks and more! He is the star, the smartest, and the most handsome. Always let him know this, so he never forgets it. This is how you build confidence in your little man.

For someone as important as him, our range of classy damask three-piece suits will do just fine. With quality that spans ages, our three-piece damask suit consists of the jacket, the waistcoat, and the full-length pants.

boys suits

These ranges of whimsically stylish suits have their own way of making your son feel like he can taste the air and everything he wants is at his fingertips. They are best styled with a crisp white shirt, and a bow tie that matches the colour of the jacket. Always style this look with a pair of formal shoes only, to add that classic touch.

boys suits

They are available for boys between the ages of 2-16 years and come in grey, white, wine and green colours.

Classic Two-piece Suits

Classic suits will never go out of style. The beautiful thing about them is they can be styled as your son desires with either a bow tie or a cummerbund around his waist.

A classic two-piece suits consists of the jacket and the full-length pants only. Unlike the three-piece suits, they do not come with a waistcoat but are just as stylish.

boys suits

They are available in our retail stores nationwide for boys between the ages of 2-16 years as well. We also have different colours (black and navy blue). If you do not wish to go through the stress of walking in-store, kindly shop here.

As the joyous season of Christmas approaches, ensure your son feels it too. You both can feel the joy as you watch him become a little man right before your eyes in our savvy suits.

Choose exclusivity, choose quality, and choose Ruff ‘n’ Tumble always.

Countdown to the holidays!

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