Smart Casuals for the Holiday Playtime

What is not to love about the holidays? School is not in session, your kids do not need to rush their breakfast, and the most interesting part is they have a lot of playtime now.

They are very much ready for the holidays; the question now is are you? Do not ask ‘what does this have to do with me?’ It has everything to do with you.

How ready are you to let them go out and play? Do not be the parent that locks your kids in the house. If you do that, you are denying your kids one of the joys that comes with being a child.

smart casuals for boys

Research has shown that allocating appropriate playtime for your kids helps them build cognitive abilities such as thinking, learning, remembering, reading, speaking, etc. We advise that you allow your kids be kids this holiday unless you are trying to train baby adults. Lol.

In the spirit of allowing your kids feel the joy of playtime this holiday, you will also need to shop the right comfy, vibrant and stylish outfits for your kids.

Now that we are talking about outfits for the holiday playtime, here are some trends that will make playtime look like a fashion show for your kids.

Boys Smart Casuals

We are so happy that fashion has evolved so much! There was a time only girls rocked two-piece fits but now, thankfully, boys now rock them too.

If you have not tried styling your son in our two-piece outfits, you should definitely try doing that this holiday.

While other kids are rocking their basic tees and trousers, your son is sure to stand out in our floral or beige two-piece outfits.

smart casuals for boys

This two-piece outfits consist of short-sleeve shirts and matching shorts. The breathable fabric allows your son move around easily such that he maximizes his playtime. Trust us; we know how uncomfortable clothing steals the delight from kids’ playtime, which is exactly why we are recommending this stylish comfortable piece.

smart casuals for boys

To accentuate this look, let your little man throw on a pair of dark shades. Let him complete the look with a pair of active sneakers.

Girls Smart Casuals

Girls love to play too. In between their fun tea parties, playdates and even as they play the role of ‘Mary’ in their school Christmas drama, they will need the appropriate vibrant outfits that helps them settle in their true selves and display their talents.

Our floaty red dress with a red sling bag that complements it is great for your daughter’s playtime this holiday.

dresses for girls

If your daughter is not the typical ‘dress type-of-girl’, but she still wants to look all feminine and cute, then you should totally shop this cute red blouse and white skirt.

skirts for girls

Be sure to accentuate her look with a pair of sunglasses and to finish the look, style her in a pair of shimmery red sneakers. She will look like the perfect red-hot babe!

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