Shop Dresses, Casuals and Shoes in Our Black Friday Frenzy: Up to 40% off!

Is this your favorite shopping time of the year or what? We know this is literally one of the moments you have been looking forward to; the moment we give you premium quality for less.

In recent times, everything seems to have drastically changed. It is almost unbelievable that we are offering you this exclusive Black Friday sales, but that is what happens when our customers become family. Your concerns become ours and the solution to your concerns is all we start to think of.

boys polo shirts for Black Friday

Though the prices of everything else seems to be  going up like they are in some sort of competition, we have listened to you and given you this exclusive offer that allows you to shop up to 40% off on all our exclusive dresses, smart casuals, tees, shorts, accessories and even shoes. How cool is that?

Speaking of cool stuff available for you shop on our Black Friday Sales, you should totally check these out.

Girls Dresses

We do not want you to snicker when we speak. We want you to take us as seriously as we take you but we know that that will largely depend on how well we keep our words.

On today’s episode of ‘keeping our words’, we have a wide array of stylish dresses for your little princess. From ball dresses and chic floral dresses to A-line and trendy dresses, you are about to put a smile on both your wallet and your little girl, and this is all on us.

girls dresses on Black Friday

These dresses are also available in different colours and sizes, for your satisfaction.

Casuals and Smart Casuals.

‘Hmm, what is the difference between casuals and smart casuals?’ you may be wondering. We will tell you. Casuals consists of outfits like t-shirts, blouses, polos and shorts. They usually do not require excess effort. Casuals are what your kids can wear to the movies, to fun hangouts and informal events.

boys shorts

Smart Casuals on the other hand, may require you to put in a little extra effort. They consist of outfits such as semi-formal, button-down shirts, chinos pants, etc. They are perfect for semi-formal events.

boys tshirts

Now, imagine shopping both casuals and smart casuals at a 40% discount? We are not asking you to choose, we are giving you the best of both worlds on our Black Friday Sales.

Boys and Girls Shoes

What is the point of letting you shop all these amazing outfits without giving you quality shoes to make them complete?

Shoes are not left out in our Black Friday Sales. What type of shoes does your child like? Ballerinas? Sandals? or are they sneaker heads? We have all available for you this Black Friday. Do your pocket a favor and get quality for less.

children's shoes on Black Friday Sales

We have so many exciting offers for you to choose from in our Black Friday Sales, which begins on 17th November, and ends on 30th November.

We understand that you all are different. Some like to shop online to save time, energy and stress while some of you will love to see what you are purchasing this Black Friday and that is okay. You can shop our Black Friday items in all our retail stores nationwide or shop here.

Make the most of this exclusive offer and shop until you drop this Black Friday!

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