Style 101: How to Look Stylish On a Budget.

Sigh. We will never really start a conversation by sighing because we are happy people but when we do, you know we are about to have some serious heart-to-heart conversations.

Is it not unusual that by this time of the year, we are not seeing enough jingle bells and Christmas decorations? It is not because we no longer care about Christmas. Everything is just a reflection of the current economic situation of our dear nation.

Businesses are hanging on to a lean thread, individuals are tired of the inflation, and we are not left out if we are going to be honest. However, something has to give. We must make this season special for you the best way we know how.

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Introducing something we have never done before: how to look stylish on a budget, simply because the current economic situation calls for tips like this. Let us get into it. Shall we?

Prioritize Quality for Your Children

Of what use is shopping this season if you are not shopping quality? In fact, now is the best time to shop quality. If you are going to be indulging in some Christmas shopping for your kids, the best investment you can make is shopping durable quality.

Nothing says cost-effective like a merchandise whose quality never fades out and stays in style in and out of season. At Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, over 2 decades in the Children’s fashion industry has trained us to deliver nothing but quality for your kids.

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The thing with not purchasing quality fashion for your kids is that there is no value for money spent. For instance, you indulge in a low quality dress for your daughter simply because it is slightly more affordable but the downsides are terrible.

Soon enough, with one wash, not only does it get torn, the colour also washes out. As if that is not enough, when your daughter steps out, she may not feel exceptional. You may find her gazing at other girls’ quality dresses from us, wishing she was the one wearing them instead. Now, where is the joy in that?  Do you now see why shopping quality children’s fashion from us is the best decision this season?

Accessorize Your Kids

We cannot say this enough. Even an elegant dress tends to look basic when not properly styled. When styling your sons and daughters this season, you may want to throw in a few accessories.

You will be shocked at the difference a simple sunglasses or hair bow can do. The funny thing is some of you may not know we also have them here at Ruff ‘n’ Tumble.

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There is a reason why we are your one-stop business for quality children’s fashion. It is because when you step into our stores, asides our exceptional customer service, you can find everything you want from smart casuals to casual wears, to elegant dresses and sophisticated suits. You will also find accessories like hair bows, bags that suit your children’s different needs, shoes, sunglasses, socks, panty hoses, and other essentials.

With all of these readily available for you in our retail stores, we definitely will make sure you look remarkable this season.

Styling Is Your Best Friend

Is there a mummy or daddy reading this and sweating on their palms already, asking themselves ‘what is styling again?’ First things first, breathe easy. It is not rocket science, we promise.

Styling is simply how you fit or combine the looks on your child. What colours go best with their skin tone? How do you make their best colours sit pretty with other colours?

Styling is understanding that this colourful shirt below should be paired with navy blue pants, accentuated with a pair of sunglasses and styled with a pair of active sneakers. Styling is a combination of quality and accessorizing.

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First, begin with understanding your child’s style and then, key into it. Go all in and aid your child in becoming their best stylish self.

Also, we have heard that we are a luxury business. We appreciate you for seeing us like that, but the truth is we are a premium brand. Our focus remains offering you quality. You can definitely find budget-friendly dresses or smart casuals in our retail stores nationwide or our online store,

These tough times will pass, but style and quality is forever. Make the Christmas worth it for your kids with us today.

Countdown to the big holidays!

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