Let Your Kids Take Merry Steps in Our Range of New Festive Shoes

We think the best part of Christmas is the exciting shopping that comes with it. Well, asides the delicious meals. Lol. However, why shop from our exquisite Christmas collection without shopping from our range of festive shoes?

All that Christmas visit is no fun for your kids if they cannot show off their new outfits and shoes, trust us. They look forward to the day they will be styling them. You do not want them to feel left out as their friends, or even cousins look stunning all day long.

In which case, you will need to keep their spirits high and bright as they take merry steps all Christmas. For the merriest of steps and brightest of smiles, you should totally check out our range of new shoe arrivals.

From boys’ formal shoes to girls’ ballerinas, this season promises to see your kids take merry steps all season.

Boys Shoes

Christmas often, give that ‘formal’ kind of vibe. Most times, your little man prefers some proper sophisticated suits and formal shoes.

Plain, glossy or tassel formal shoes, your son is sure to take confident strides in our range of boys formal shoes. Formal shoes are often styled with smart casuals- like a shirt and a pair of chinos pants or formals-a three or two-piece suit. Your adorable son can never go wrong with boys formal shoes as they always add that debonair flair to their entire outfit; seizing the room with their style and charm.

boys shoes

shoes for boys

Style will be boring if all boys loved formals for Christmas. If your son is one of the unique few who prefer a cool look for the season, then look no further. We have sporty, trendy sneakers for their casual looks.

Our range of festive shoe arrivals are available in different colours and sizes in our retail stores nationwide or if you prefer shopping from the comfort of wherever you are, shop here.

Girls Shoes

Girls always have a lot going on and this season, it only gets better. If they are not wearing heels, you will find them in flat shoes.

However, these flat shoes could be sandals, slip-ons or even a nice pair of sneakers. Your daughter’s styles are intriguingly just as diverse as the shoe choices we have for them. They may decide to style their chic dress with a pair of cute sneakers, sandals, ballerinas or even low heels.

ballerinas for girls

Ballerinas are always a great pair for your daughter’s ball dresses. They make her look dreamy, just like a real life Disney princess. Sandals and sneakers are great for casual events like a fun day out or a visit to their grandparents.

Low-heels are quite versatile. Your princess can style them with smart casuals or elegant dresses. She calls the shots when it comes to these durable pair.

heels for girls

Whatever her choice is, be assured that we have it all here.

All we have shown you here is just a tip of the iceberg. We have more boys and girls shoes waiting to make your children’s steps merry all season.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping to make your child’s Christmas already. Happy holidays!

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