A Ruff ‘n’ Tumble’s Tale of Love, Gifts and Legacy

 The smell of freshly baked pastries, cute family pictures with everyone in their holiday Pajamas, lots of joy and happiness- yep! It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Festive holidays have mastered the art of filling everyone’s heart with so much love, that even if one has not laughed a whole year, you can count on a chuckle at least, during this season. Well, except you are the Grinch. Lol.

Around this time is when you start preparing to see your extended family, and it becomes even more exciting for you if you have not seen them in years. The anticipation, the meals, the gifts exchange, the joy! Nothing beats this feeling.

Your kids are very excited to see their cousins too. Do you know what is more exciting, especially for the kids? The gifts. Judging from our experience with these little bosses, they prefer new clothes, fashion accessories or even toys.

boys christmas casuals

Although you shop from us with money, the joy your gift from us brings them is something money cannot buy. This is the reason we do what we do- the happiness. If you are visiting your family from outside the continent, within the continent or within the nation, have this in mind: the children around you will always want a Christmas outfit as a gift.

These gifts are a constant reminder of the importance of family, gifting and Christmas. To you, these are just clothes but your gifts will later tell a beautiful tale of love, gifts and legacy as they recount to their experiences to their peers and kids in the not-so-far future.

Introducing a few items from our happiness cart to keep the love of family alive this Christmas:

Casual Fashion

Hold up! Do not zip up your luggage just yet. We know you are excited about seeing the family again this holiday but have you shopped some Christmas casuals from us yet?

For Girls

You know, not every girl loves to wear a ball dress. Who knows? Your niece or little cousin may be more into chic dresses or maybe let us assume she prefers a cute blouse, denim and a pair of vibrant sneakers.

The point is we have it all: two-piece sets, chic dresses, cute blouses, colourful skirts of different lengths, denim, jackets, accessories, you name it!

girls christmas clothes

The good thing is you do not have to do so much to find us, simply check our store locations here to do your last minute Christmas shopping for them or just shop online at your convenience. Let us bring their parcels of happiness to you.

For Boys

Just like the girls that do not fancy ball dresses, your nephews, grandsons or little cousins may not be the suit kinda guy. Have you thought about that for a hot minute?

He may prefer some vibrant sweatshirts, cool polos and tees, chinos pants, denim, shorts or even an Ankara bomber jacket! Yes, kids know what they like these days and we love that they own it totally.

boys christmas casuals

We have all these available in different colours and sizes from 0-18 years, so why not shop from us and make their holiday?

Exquisite Fashion

For Girls

If your little niece or cousin is already holding microphones, playing dress-up as superstar singer, then you need to compliment her dreams with our array of detailed elegant dresses.

girls floral dresses

From shimmery A-line and ball dresses, to flare and pleated dresses, our elegant selection of dresses is sure to make your niece feel like a star already.

For Boys

Is your little nephew acting like a 25 years old man when he is only 8 years old? Each time you speak with him, does he sound like the typical classic man? Then, you already know what to get for him.

Our Damask and plain two-piece suits and three-piece suits is sure to make your son feel like he is the lead character in the world biggest stage plays. The world is his oyster in these sophisticated suit pieces.

quality children's clothes

The fabric of our quality remains unrivaled in the industry of indigenous children’s clothing. Over 2 decades in existence and we have not failed to display exceptional leadership skills in the market.

We are more than trend-followers. We are trendsetters. We take the lead, revolutionize the game and everyone else follows.

If you intend to get nothing but the best quality gifts for the kids around you, our Christmas collection is here to bring the most pleasant surprise to them.

Our Christmas collection is available in our retail stores nationwide and our online store.

Happy holidays!

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