Let Your Cutie Spread Baby Fever in our Range of Premium Quality Baby Clothes

Do you know that it is one thing to have a cute baby and it is another thing for everyone to want to hold your cute baby? The difference is in the style!

Your baby has never been here before; it is literally your baby’s first time on earth, why not start with making it worthwhile with premium fashion?

baby boy clothes

Are you a first time parent and probably clueless? The truth is it is very okay to be clueless. Hey! It is your first time too. You have never been a parent before. It is because of you we exist.

We are here to bring to guide you when it comes to your baby’s style. We occasionally send out look books to help you coordinate colours, and help you match different fashion pieces together.

As your baby grows bigger, it becomes even more important to ensure they look good because clothes become visible on them.

baby boy's clothes

You longed for your baby to be here and we are prepared to keep them looking their best in every phase of their wonderful childhood.

We know some of you are probably wondering: ‘You guys have baby clothes?’ Yes! Absolutely! We have lots of baby clothes and accessories for your special baby. In addition, we have them for both boys and girls too. You should definitely pay more attention now because we are about to prove it.


Little prince charming is finally here and he looks even more perfect than you imagined. But here is the thing. You are confused on what and where to shop for him. Oh! How do you even trust the quality? You do not want to shop any outfit that will probably lose its colour in a couple of weeks.

We understand you. In fact, we have factored all your concerns as we stitched unparalleled fashion for your baby boy. We are Ruff ‘n’ Tumble. Not to brag but we have not stood for over 2 decades by offering you anything less than the premium quality you deserve.

baby boy clothes

If you are wondering what you can get for your baby boy from Ruff ‘n’ Tumble of course, we have onesies for when he is home and resting. Beyond onesies, we have colourful and trendy casuals like shirts, t-shirts, chinos pants and shorts. We also have exquisite fashion for your little prince charming.

baby boy clothes

What about when baby boy is about taking his first steps? We have just the right pair of active sandals, sporty sneakers and shoes for him. Nothing like a baby boy taking his first steps the right way. Make your baby boy a premium one such that when he steps out, everyone competes to hold him.


Girl dad or mums in the house, can you all just take a minute to appreciate the beauty that your baby girl is? Who knew how precious it is to have a daughter until they actually had one?

Being a girl parent has a way of putting you in your feels all the time. There is just this urge to protect her delicate smile and hold on to those tiny fingers that clutch on to you, saying ‘I trust you’.

We may have our different opinions but we can all agree on one thing; seeing a beautiful baby girl in a dress is just purely gorgeous.

Being a girl parent requires you to know a lot more fashion. You need to know the right colours to combine, that works on her skin tone. Know when she needs a ball dress, a chic dress and when she simply needs shorts.

She may be just a baby to you but it is from that very phase that you start to train her fashion mindset. Should she turn out to be the princess, we have elegant dresses in different colours for her. When she turns a year or 2, she should definitely be styled in one of those dresses for her birthday.

baby girl clothes

Not every girl likes the princess kind of look often, it does not make them any less a girl than they already are. For them, we have flouncy, chic dresses, playsuits, denim, shorts, skirts, you just name it!

For every occasion in their baby lives, we have the right outfits. These outfits are available in different colours and sizes.

We will be waiting in our retail stores nationwide to make sure your baby inspires ‘awww’ from everyone and spread baby fever everywhere they go. You can also relax at home and shop at your convenience here.

Yes to spreading baby fever with Ruff ‘n’ Tumble!

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