Valentine Is for Spreading Hugs and Happiness.

January has done its best and moved on. February is here and you all know what time it is. It is Valentine season!

Who else is excited about Valentine? Because we sure are pumped up for it. We cannot help it. We love the concept of love within your family and friends.

For us, Valentine is beyond receiving flowers and luxury gifts. It is about the joy of friendship between children all over the world. It is about intentionality on our parts in delivering exclusive outfits tailored with love for your kids.

It is about spreading love between people you know and people you do not and this is why we love kids. Their hearts are so pure that they go about smiling with that kind aunty at the mall who makes a funny face at them or better still, their love is felt in their curiosity; ‘mummy, what happened to your leg?’.

girls clothes

They care genuinely and when their love is reciprocated, happiness is the result.

How do you spread happiness in this month of love? The answer to this is quite simple. We have the answers to this question in form of our finely designed, colourful and trendy valentine collection. Gift a piece from our Valentine collection to a child and watch the big hugs you would receive and like that, happiness is born. Your kids are happy, you are happy and it all began with gifting and hugs.

Let us show you what love means to us in these beautiful fashionable pieces below.

A Girl’s Valentine

Guess whose valentine just got better? Your daughter! Or maybe your niece, a family friend or your neighbor’s friendly princess.

The point is a girl’s valentine is about to be made and if you have two girls, it is even better. Look how cute these sisters look in our Valentine collection.

Here is a simple tip when styling your daughter- let her style herself in what she loves and is most comfortable in and you will see just how much she will glow.

These lovely sisters below could not stop gushing over their outfits, they loved it so much and that is exactly why they bodied it. Can you see what we mean?

The bigger girl’s style is as trendy as the word itself. She is styled in a long sleeved white shirt and a blue straight-cut denim.  But guess what made this extra stylish? The red Ankara piece that she used to form a tie. That is her own style and she is rocking it just well.

girls clothes

The younger girl however preferred a dungaree and a cute red blouse. The platform sneakers puts a pump to this entire look. Can you see what we mean by letting your girls choose their styles?

girls cloth for valentine

We have so many outfits and styles for girls in our retail stores nationwide. The outfits the sisters are putting on are available in different sizes in our retail stores or you can shop online here.

A Boy’s Valentine

We know you think styling boys is quite simple. Just a tee shirt and a pair of pants and they are good to go right?

Well, you may be right about that but it is also important to understand what colours work best for your son’s skin tone.

As you can see, the black graphic tee shirt on our model below sits well on his rich chocolate skin. To accentuate his look, we styled him in a pair of red shorts and plain white sneakers.

boys clothes

When it comes to completing the look, you can never go wrong with accessories. Complete this look with a pair of sunglasses.

By now, we think we have done a good job of showing you examples of what you can get your children for their valentine parties at school.

Our Valentine collection is packed with exciting outfits that is available for kids within the ages 0f 0-18 years and in different colours too.

boys clothes

Come shop till you drop, spread love and receive hugs. There is enough happiness to go round and we hope you experience it all in this month of love!

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