What makes anyone stylish? Is it embedded in the DNA or is it a learnable skill that is acquired over time. Just like the nature or nurture debate, it’s a wonder how women get to be stylish and fashion forward. Some say it can’t be taught, its either you have it or you don’t but this notion is not all the way correct. It’s not black and white because kids are very impressionable. What you expose them to, especially little girls in this case, will in fact, affect their unique style motif and fashion choices, for a lifetime. It starts with making the right style choices when it comes to mixing and matching unique pieces for little baby girls. Exposing them to quality and art in style, is very important and should happen early.

To achieve this, you need to build a functional yet stylish closet for them. Consider classic style elements, must have pieces and current trends and how all these come together cohesively to create the best looks. This is how you prepare little girls for a lifetime of style. This might seem like an uphill battle but not to worry, we’ve carefully curated a number of fashion pieces to help you.

baby girl dress

Going out should be a fun expression of style for little girls so go with the classics. A dress is a statement piece that can be used to express a good fashion sense, even for little girls. Go for the purple “Tulle Ball Dress” that is exceptional in that it features a round neckline, floral print bodice and a tulle flare. It also has a concealed zipper and a tulle belt at the waist line that is designed to fit her perfectly. This is without a doubt the best pick for any special occasion where you want your little princess to shine and its currently available for little girls from nine months to seven years. Another quality number is the “Adire Swing” dress that is made from premium Adire fabric. This dress has a round neckline and subtly gathered with contrast detail. A lovely blue dress for that mix of the indigenous with the modern. This dress is currently available for little girls from nine to twenty-four months. Furthermore, every little girl’s closet would not be complete without an electric dress like the red “Damask and Tulle Ball” dress. It’s a must have masterpiece as it is made with rich damask upper and embellish layers of tulle flare, it's the perfect blend of opulent style and simplicity and its available for little girls from nine months to three years of age.

For less formal events like weekend outings with daddy and mummy, go for our unique “Cotton Peplum” blouse, made with premium cotton fabric that features a round neckline, ruffled lower bodice and lace sleeves and pair it with our stunning “Dark Blue Woven” pants that has a belt holder, concealed zipper and four stylish pockets. Finish the look with the shiny “Gold Velcro” Sneakers for that laid back yet polished look. Available in sizes 20-25. Another interpretation of the laidback yet stylish look would be to pair our blue “Off shoulder Ankara” dress that is a superb piece as it is made with the best quality Ankara fabric. it has puff sleeves, a cute belt and is available for little girls twelve months to seven years, with our unique “White Perforated Short” skirt this is made with the best cotton fabric. It has a stylish lace hem, a belt holder as well as a blue stripe belt that can be styled into an amazing bow and it is available from sizes nine to twenty-four months. Finish the stylish look with our “Tiffany Die Cut” sandals that go effortlessly with the ensemble and are available in sizes seventeen to nineteen. Accessorize with our elegant white “Heart Shaped” sunglasses on those days the sun is working overtime so her eyes stay stylishly protected.

For pool days or trips to the park, jeans are the ideal go to. It’s an effortless way for little girls to look trendy while indulging in fun activates so dress her up in our denim blue “Shorts with Sunflower Design”. These are lovely shorts that are made from quality denim materials and they come with a playful sunflower graphic print. This pair of shorts, that’s available for little girls of twenty-four months, should be paired with fun, colorful t-shirts like our red “Short Sleeve Top” that’s made from quality cool fabric and it features a fine lettering design, short-sleeves, back button closure, and a round neckline. Its available in sizes ranging from six to twenty-four months. Our elegant unisex “Denim” sneakers would be the best finishing touch to this look, available in sizes twenty to twenty-four.



We recommend the darling “Striped Skirt Set” that comes in red. It’s a stylish combination that features a fitted, stretchy top with cap sleeves and a floral detail at the front as well as a cute skirt that is striped with beautiful pleated detailing at the side. This set is simply beautiful and truly a must-have as it works for a wide range of events and outings.

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