How to keep your kids productive during the holidays

How to keep your kids productive during the holidays

It’s the holiday again! Your kids are super excited and you are wracking your brain on how you will survive the few weeks of them at home. Well, we’ve got some ideas…really fun ideas that can keep them active all day and your mind at rest while you are at work.

The good thing about the holiday is, it’s a great time for your kids to learn new things, explore their creativity, travel, visit interesting places and of course rest. The holiday shouldn’t be spent doing the same “eat-watch cartoons-sleep” routine every day.  Have both fun and educative plans and spread the activities all through the holiday. Be sure to get your kids involved in your plan to ensure these activities are what they love and their areas of interest. Kids are less likely to complain when they are involved.

Here are a few exciting activities:

1. Learn a New Skill

Your kids have spent enough time on their books during the term, the holiday is the perfect time to get your kids busy with a new skill. You could sign them up for cooking class, baking class, music, painting, dancing or driving class that is different from their normal school curriculum. In this new age, educational knowledge is hardly enough, other skills could put them at an advantage among their peers. The earlier your kids are introduced to learning new skills, the faster they decide what they will like to be when they grow up. 

2. Tech Skills

Technology has taken over the world and you will hardly ever find a job that doesn’t require technology. Apart from the basic computer subject taught in school, they could also learn some simple computer courses like java programming, python, coding and robotics. Boys especially would be interested in learning graphic design and there are lots of options to choose like photo manipulation, illustration or motion graphics. Also, graphic designs and computer skills go a long way in improving your kids resume.

3. Summer Camp

Good thing about summer is meeting new friends and having unending fun. The best part is your kids are away for some time and they are without their phones at the camp. Apart from being super fun, it teaches independence. Your kids will be able to take care of themselves, make decisions without you and build self-sufficiency as they are required to bathe themselves, get dressed and make their beds on time.

4. Summer Jobs and Internships

If your child is done with senior school and is waiting on admission, the long holiday is a great time to get a mini job or internship to keep busy. Teens get bored easily and you wouldn’t want your child lazing around the house. Encourage your child to invest time working, volunteering or interning. Your kids must have a knowledge of hard work and money management before going to the university. You also need to make them understand that it’s not about the salary but what they will learn during their internship.

5. Learn a new language

More languages are fast becoming widely recognized for international affairs. It feels very classy when someone speaks a different language from our normal English. Don’t you find it amazing when you meet someone that can speak multiple languages? It’s easier to learn a language when you are growing and now is the time to sign them up for a language class. If your child is the one that loves to travel and dream of new places, learning a language or two is a fun activity for the holiday.

6. Outdoor Activities

What better time to play outdoors than the holidays? Make available outdoor games that could keep them engaged during the day. Remember the games you played as a kid, bring it up while they play outdoors. You could also take them to fun centres like cinemas, swimming pools, beaches, amusement parks and zoos.

7. Watch Documentaries and old movies

The holiday shouldn’t be all about cartoons and marvel movies. Movies of time and documentaries are interesting things your kids will be excited about. Documentaries are far more entertaining and interesting than normal Tv shows and movies. You could stream on Netflix, Youtube. You could check out a list of interesting documentaries for kids here.


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