Today, fashion choices are limitless. Want to wear a suit? Go for it. Bike shorts and a blazer? Flawless street style. But there hasn't always been such a wide variety of options for women and girls. Ancient Greece's garments have long served as modern fashion inspiration for their ethereal looks. But at the time, the dresses were designed mostly for comfort and functionality. Women opted for silk and linen, because of the hot climate and no sewing was required. In early medieval times, dresses started to become more intricate. Heavy and ornate fabric was a sign of wealth, so dresses began being constructed in pieces and layers. In the 1950s, the popular silhouette changed completely. Tea-length dresses were all the rage, and fabric like tulle and chiffon made for fuller skirts and accentuated waists. Once again, the hourglass shape dominated. Today, the lines are blurred between haute couture and everyday fashion, as statement pieces are taking over how the dress silhouette is constructed and girls are not left out as it greatly affects the latest dress trends on every level.

So picking out dresses to fit girls perfectly as well as staying in touch with what is current and trendy, isn’t as easy as it used to be, especially with young girls today, who have strong opinions regarding how they want to look and what their style motif is. We’ll outline some stellar dresses and their functionality so getting stylish dresses for girls is less of a hassle and more fun.


Let’s begin on an elegant note, with dresses that are fashioned specially for soirees and sophisticated events where you want your girl to shine in a modest yet elegant way. Go for our premium “Black Dress with Rose Applique” as it is a striking sleeveless number that is adorned with rose applique and a rear bow that is reminiscent of the iconic black dress from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Its available for girls from seven to sixteen years. Another stunner for girls is the “Burgundy Embroidery Party” dress. It’s an exceptional dress made with the best quality lace fabric and intricate string flower design on the bodice to make for a real winner. Its available for girls from two to twelve years.

Elegance isn’t only just for sophisticated events as girls should always radiate sophistication wherever they are. When they are out on a sunny day, go for the lovely yellow “Print Strass” dress. It is sleeveless with a charming floral print in front and a stylishly crossed strap at the back. Available for girls from two to eight years and it’s also available in fuchsia.

Modesty is an integral element in getting dresses for girls but don’t sniff all the style out of it. Go for our “Multicolored Floral Party” dress that is as modest as it is fashion forward. it has a round neckline, concealed zipper and a beautiful floral detail that she can wear to parties. Available for girls, seven to sixteen years. Another casual yet stylish number is red and white “Striped Skater” dress. It is a free and flare, sleeveless dress with a round neckline, and a waist cord. It’s a smart yet fun look and its available for girls, aged four to sixteen years.


Our little girls are not left out as style should start from day one. Get our quality red “Stripped” dress. This lovely dress features a round neckline, short sleeves with two beautiful red bows at the front. It is made from premium cotton fabric that is smooth, cozy, and soft to the skin. The stripe pattern gives a radiant sparkle necessary for outings. It is available for little girls, six to twenty-four months.



Get our trendy “Animal Drop Waist Skater” dress. From its stylish 1920s silhouette inspired design to the fun yellow color, it’s definitely a must have for girls ages four to seven years as it adds to the visual impression of height by lengthening the torso. Pair with cute black boots and a hat for a 90’s grunge vibe or turn up the cuteness in our stunning gold “Soft Patent” ballerinas, available from sizes twenty-six to thirty-nine.

Get all of these premium dresses, and so much more, when you visit Ruff ‘n’ Tumble stores or the Online store.


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