There are certain guidelines that have always been pillars of masculinity. Being strong, tough, bashful yet confident, superior, being able to flex your muscle, be it physically or mentally, to prove superiority, and the list goes on and on. Thankfully, the definition of masculinity (formally disguised as misogyny) has drastically changed to be more aware of the opposite sex and that we are all equal as human beings so there is strength in putting others first, earning equal pay, letting everyone have a say and a right to their own opinions and most importantly, being secure in your masculinity to even reverse stereotypical gender roles because not one size fits all so finding what works best in every situation, becomes key. Don’t get me wrong, feminism has its extremities, just like any other concept but at least now we are all hyper aware of what was swept under the rug in generations past so we are better equipped to break the cycle, in marriage, at work and even in how we dress, knowing that kids, who are tomorrows pillars, watch us consciously and subconsciously, using traits we daily display to weave their personalities and characters. For boys, it’s a more sensitive subject because what was the norm of letting them run free while girls learnt to be demure and domestic, doesn’t exactly work in today’s socioeconomic and even cultural landscape. Boys are now learning what it means to be hyper aware and conscious so as not to lean on a misogynistic formula that is now outdated and somewhat obsolete. When it comes to what boys wear nowadays, nothing is black and white, it’s more of experimentation and innovation so that means that even the classic formula for looking dapper has evolved to be more conforming and fashion forward. Yes, there are unshakable yardsticks that define the stylish man, or boy in this case, but the good thing here is there is so much more to play with, other than a suit and tie. It’s important as parents that we begin to understand the new rules to a game as old as time. Here, we’ll be outlining new and existing ways to create dapper looks for your gentlemen in waiting.

boys shirt jeans sneakers

Let’s begin on a bold note with the saying “real men wear pink”. That’s very true, seeing as pink was always a girl’s color but nowadays such notions are not important or even valid. Fact is pink look good on men and in this case boys so why not get your boys our wonderful pink “Short-Sleeve Dress Shirt”, that features a spread collar, front button placket, logo print on the left breast pocket, and curved hemming. No doubt that this shirt gives a touch of elegance and style to any outfit. Its available for boys from ages Two to Seven years. Now a unique and stylish shirt like this needs a balance when it comes to pants so it doesn’t look loud or brash so go for our superior navy blue “Regular Fit Trousers”. These comfortable slacks will blend effortlessly as they feature unique cuts and detailing and are available for boys from ages Four, Six and Seven years. Finish the look up with our premium navy blue and white “Lace Up Sneakers”. It features a navy blue suede vamp, a white leather fabric design with breathable holes at the middle and the collars, white shoe laces and inserts, as well as soft padded insoles and functional rubber out-soles. Its available in sizes from 40-46.

boys Christmas gold suit

Formal wear is a must for any boy striving for elegance. add a bit of shimmer to a formal suit and you have a stunning look that stands out for all the right reasons. Go for our premium gold “Damask 2 Piece Suit”. The suit jacket features two pockets and two buttons closure at the front. The suede trouser has an adjustable button-elastic waist. It has a zip fly with a waist button, and two front slash pockets. This stunning suit is available for boys from ages Two to Sixteen years. Accessorize this suit with our trendy gold “Taffeta Bow Tie” as it makes a unique statement when styled with a shirt, suit, tuxedo or a blazer and formal shoes for that special occasion. Its available for boys from ages Four, Ten and Sixteen years. Pair this electric suit and tie with our unique gold “Trendy Sneakers” as it is tastefully crafted with lustrous leather fabric, reinforced with foam. It has a white heel-tab and white lace, with white rubber soles. It is available in sizes from 36-41.

boys semi casual sunglasses shirt pants

For a semi casual look, ready for weekend adventures and playdates outside, go for our sophisticated yellow “Long-Sleeve Check Shirt” that features a front button placket, spread collar, and curved hem. It is cut from premium organic cotton fabric that is rich in quality. Its available for boys from ages Eight to Eighteen years. Pair with our super functional blue “Denim Basic Shorts”, made from quality denim material and available for boys from ages Eight to Eighteen years. Finish this excellent look with our lovely navy blue “Suede Formal Moccasin” that is slip-resistant, featuring almond toes, suede uppers, padded insoles, and rubber outsoles.  This functional pair is available in sizes from 20-41. Accessorize the look with our stunning black “Aviator Sunglasses” that is a must-have accessory as it is not just a fashion piece but also a protective piece for their eyes.

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