“… if you’re really good and get good grades, Santa is going to get you the best gifts this year!” is a fib many parents have used a couple of times to get their kids to be extra good and study hard all year round. All these parents need to do is make sure they keep to their end of the bargain when their kids honor that binding verbal yet magical contract. The next step for parents will be to either keep tabs on their kids to find out what they really want for Christmas, or take the fun out of it and out rightly ask their kids or do option three, use their discretion and go for what would not only make their kids happy but something extra special and thoughtful. These could range from dolls and action figures to games and devices, or even trips to special places. But there are gifts that make kids look and feel happy. Gifts that inspire confidence at a whole new level. Premium gifts that are memorable and will stand the test of time. I’m sure at this point you’re wondering what these kind of gifts could be. It’s not rocket science, it’s all about giving your children the special gift of a culture of style, through quality clothes and accessories.

At first, that may not seem like much because you already buy them quality pieces all year round so what makes giving them clothes and accessories now different from all the other times. Well that’s simple, it’s all about the type of pieces you give them. It’s a no brainer to buy strong pieces like a Christmas suit or a holiday dress for them at this time of the year for all the serious yuletide festivities. Its expected. What’s not a norm is that they have casuals that are also festive and stylish so they maintain a standard of an excellent fashion sense throughout the holidays. Now that’s really STANDING OUT! And don’t forget that gifting them an array of sophisticated Christmas casuals opens their minds and senses to a lifetime of consistent style. It’s a gift that literally keeps on giving.

We’ll be outlining a couple of extra special pieces that will definitely have you not only keeping your end of the bargain at Christmas but will have your kids looking fresh and sophisticated for the new year.

 girl casual Christmas clothes


Girls actually enjoy style and looking good so even after wearing fantastic dresses to church or formal affairs, it’s nice to slip into something casual yet super stylish for outdoor activities and soirees. Get them our super cute blue “Skirt Set”. The lace top is stylishly crafted from a strong lace fabric that allows your daughter to wear her favorite dress frequently and for longer periods. This lovely skirt set features a navy blue lace top with a leaf pattern, closed up with a full-length zipper. It has a round neckline and short sleeves. The skirt has an elastic waistband. It all makes for an elegant casual look. This set is available for girls from ages Eight to Sixteen years. Pair this stylish number with our unique and shiny multicolor “Sneaker with Sparkles”. The multicolored woven cotton fabric used to craft this unique pair of sneakers is a nice one for your daughter to have in her shoe rack. It has silver-plated eyelets, white rubber toe covers, and white rubber soles that are lined with black rubber strips. Super comfortable and very stylish. Its available in sizes from 36-41.

A special ensemble that would look awesome on your daughter would be to pair our exceptional green “Button Down Blouse Top” that is made breathable organic cotton fabric, and is available for girls from ages Eight to Sixteen years, with our quality multicolor “Stripe Skirt” that is carefully and stylishly cut from quality cotton fabric and features numerous pleats that complement the striped color. Very eye catching and is available for girls from ages Eight to Sixteen years. Finish the look with functional khaki green “Lace Up Sneakers with White Sole”. It features white laces, black and white leather strips, a black zipper on the inner sides, and white soles that gives a nice contrast to the green body. Its available from sizes 28-39. Finish the look with a trendy pair of sunglasses like our exceptional black “Trendy Fashion Sunglasses” that feature trendy, dark, and rounded lenses. A lovely choice for parties, holidays, and beach outings.

 Boys Christmas casual shirt


In getting gift for boys, you need to figure out what works for their bodies and personalities, as well as what is current and stylish in a way that will make them happy. Go for our sophisticated multicolor “Stripe Short Set”. This functional set features a shirt with short sleeves, button placket, and curved collar. Added to that, you have a short with two-pocket styling, belt holders, single button and zip fly closure. Its available for boys from ages Eight to Sixteen years. Finish this look with our stylish navy blue “Suede Sneakers” as they are tastefully crafted with a lovely navy blue suede fabric, reinforced with foam for maximum comfortability. It has white heel-tabs and white laces, with white rubber soles and is available in sizes from 33-39. Very outdoor worthy for poolside fun, or even outdoor dining.

For a knockout pairing that will be a super-sized gift your boys will wear with happiness and pride, get our eye catching white “Graphic Short-Sleeve Tshirt”. It features a round neckline, short sleeves, and a brilliant graphic print. Its available for boys from ages Eight to Sixteen years. Pair this artsy tee with our functional blue “Denim Long-Sleeve Hoodie Jacket” that features two long sleeves, two pockets, a curved collar, and button closures. The hoodie is made of high-quality cotton fabric. The back also features a graphic print on a black cotton stitch. This quality piece is available for boys from ages Four to Thirteen years. For the pants, get our trendy grey “Jogger Pants”. These grey joggers are made of soft and comfy cotton fabric. It also features a draw cord, black and white print at the sides, concealed elastic waistband, and cuffed fleece. This sporty pair is available for boys in ages Eight, Ten, Twelve, Fourteen and Sixteen years. Accessorize this cool look with our functional navy blue and red “Stripped Lace Up Sneakers”. It features white cotton lace, navy blue leather vamp, white leather heel tab, red leather strip, white rubber midsole, and navy blue rubber outsole. Its available in sizes from 41-46.

Get all these wonderful gift idea pieces and looks, when you visit any of our Retail stores nationwide, or our Online store.

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