Christmas is by far the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time for family to spend time together, eating, drinking and making long lasting memories. It’s a time to reconnect with extended family and enjoy the holidays sharing love, gifts and precious moments. It’s fair to say that you want your kids to look and feel their very best this season. You want them to feel confident and happy in a season about happiness and funfair. So you go out and get them gifts they would usually open on the 25th, you decorate the house and play carols to get into the Christmas vibe of things. What’s more, you shop for festive clothes that would make them look stylish and sophisticated because it’s a special time so why shouldn’t they look and feel special. These are the ways you show your love for them and how the family makes long lasting and fun memories. When it comes to clothes however, so many options of what to get for them surface and then getting the right outfits for them, in line with the season becomes a hassle. You want the looks to be trendy, unique, festive, comfortable and stylish pieces they can wear long after Christmas is over.

Don’t be afraid to go for the bold and the shiny when getting looks for your kids. On a normal day, this would be sensitive area because the issue becomes where to draw the line as to what’s too bold and what is ok. However, this is the most wonderful time of the year and glittery pieces are, as a matter of fact, the way to go. Now, even if it’s a time to go for shine, be careful not to overdo it. You need to go for pieces that shine just right, looks that don’t overpower the child but makes him or her look festive, comfortable and confident. Outfits that elevate their whole looks in phenomenal ways. Not to worry, we’ve come up with superior looks and pieces that would make your kids shimmer and shine in the best way possible.

 girls gold ball dress


When you are thinking Christmas clothes, especially for girls, so they stand out in fashion forward way, you think shine and a whole lot of shimmer. If there was a time in the year to push the boundaries a little, it would be Christmas. Get your girls our glamorous cream and gold “Exquisite Ball Dress with Bow Detail”. It features a round neckline with floral detailing, a constricted bodice, waist belt and zip closure at the back, with a large bow detail at the waistline, in front. the pleated bouffant skirt adds an extra layer of classic elegance. This electric number is available from girls from ages Two to Fourteen years. Pair this dress with our snazzy gold “Trendy Sneakers”. It is tastefully crafted with a lustrous leather fabric, reinforced with super soft foam. It has a white heel-tab and white lace, with white rubber soles. Super-comfortable. The lustrous leather vamp extends to the lining which gives maximum comfort. Very shiny and fun. The pair is available in sizes from 36-41. Finish this wonderful look with our extra festive gold “Hair Bow”. it is made with the finest ribbon fabric which is styled into an amazing bow with a clip to enable easy attachment to the hair. it makes for a lovely addition to her hair to further elevate the already thrilling look.

 girl gold ball dress back view


Let’s face it, boys and shine don’t always go hand in hand except your Liberace or a chorus boy out of Vegas. Today, that notion however, is totally changing as its totally trendy for men, and in this case boys, to rock some shine and shimmer in their looks without looking totally off or out of place. You add Christmas to the mix and you definitely have to shine on some level so why not do it in a stylish and eye catching way. Get your princes our superior gold “Brocade Royal Tuxedo Suit (2pcs)” that features a velvet shawl lapel, a button closure and a pocket on the chest, with two pockets at the front. The suit trouser comes with a zip fly and adjustable button-elastic waist. It can be worn with a plain white dress shirt for that special occasion. Its available for boys from ages Eleven to Sixteen years. Pair this dapper look with our very functional gold “Trendy Sneakers”. The rubber soles are flexible, while the top part is gold and shiny. It gives the outfit a trendy, of the moment, vibe, which we all know is a plus. These unique shoes are available in sizes from 36-41.

boys gold suit and gold sneakers

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