As the pandemic gradually fades, social norms are coming back in place and kids are gradually returning to summer school, boot camps, playgrounds and parks. 

Kids at a park


However, travels are still restricted and the best option will be to spend summer at home with a close knit of loved ones. Many parents have been searching tips to help their kids stay protected this summer.

Although, research shows that the virus is common in places with lower temperature, people have begun to question if summer would make a difference. Until then, we would all continue to take necessary precautions to keep safe. 

Kids tend to be active during the day and this holiday would surely involve running around and having fun with their friends and family. With the fun comes the effort of taking safety precautions, dealing with sunburn, insects and rashes that might come from pools or beaches.

 little girl on the beach

These few tips could help your kid safe this summer: 

  • Teach them to always wash their hands regularly and keep a sanitizer in their bag pack.
  • Educate them to keep distance while with their friends
  • Ask them to wear a face mask and cover their mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing. 
  • Wear long pants for kids that react to sun flies and other insects when they are out to parks and gardens
  • Apply soft, tender sunscreen on their skin when they are out to the pool or beaches.
  • Wearing a hat could also prevent their eyes from excessive exposure to the sun. 


 kids wearing nose mask


















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