As we catch the last breeze of summer and the fun that comes with the bright days, it only means two things; the rainy days are around the corner, and back to school is about to set in. Back to school can mean a new session, new term, new class, new teachers and friends.


Getting the kids ready to get back to school can be very exciting as kids always look forward to resuming with the slew of brand new items they got, that range from sparkling white socks to black shining shoes, new uniforms, backpacks, and many more.


Whether your child is heading to elementary school or high school, it’s always good to plan your shopping early to avoid the rush of last-minute shopping or forgetting important items on your list. Fortunately, RuffnTumble is a one-stop-shop for all the essentials you need.


Here is a list of essentials you need:  

Backpack: a backpack is an absolute must-have for every kid resuming school. When shopping, pick a bag that has enough space for books, stationery, and any other valuable item. Also, remember to choose a bag with adjustable straps, extra purses, and a water bottle holder.


Backpack for school kids

Black shoes: selecting a school shoe should be more about preference, durability, and comfort. Lightweight shoes are better for growing feet and toddlers because they have to wear shoes the whole day and tight shoes might be a little bit uncomfortable. Selecting school shoes for older kids can be a bit tricky. Some kids can keep up with lace shoes while some just prefer shoes with straps or the ones with buckles.

school shoe for girls

White shirt: go for soft, crisp fabrics that are easy to wash and iron. You might want to get a long sleeve, collared button-up shirts that are long enough for tuck-ins and pinafores.


Socks: you might need to buy enough socks that would last the whole term because it is the easiest item to get missing. Colors would be determined by the school and you can also go for either ankle or long socks depending on your kid. Go for soft fabrics that are easy to wash and dry quickly.


 School socks for students


Belts: it is very easy to forget to add belts to your shopping list. Ensure you buy black or brown belts that fit the waist of your kid to avoid making extra holes on the first day and to avoid losing.

Black belts for school kids


Sweatshirt: very essential for the rainy season. Ensure you keep a sweatshirt in your child’s school bag to prevent them from cold.

deep blue sweatshirt for kids

Sneakers: it is important you buy a pair of sneakers for your kids' sports activities at school. Considering how active kids would be on sports days, buy a sneaker that has enough support around the ankle to help prevent rolling or common injuries and also a good rubber sole to improve traction.

white sneakers for school

Nose mask: wearing a nose mask is a new rule and you might need to get enough that would last you a long time because it is quite easy for your kids to misplace them and you need to wash after use. Most importantly, buy a nose mask that is lightweight, comfortable, and has maximum space for breathing so your kid doesn’t get suffocated at school.

Brown nose mask



Tick off these essentials from your list as you shop from the convenience of your homes at or visit RnT stores Nationwide to shop!



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