Sabrina's Summer Tale

Sabrina finally decided to go on a shopping date with her sister after declining a couple of times. She frantically got into her car which led to a scream from the heat of her car seat, while she sat on it. She hasn't driven the car in weeks and couldn’t fathom why the blazing sun affected her car seat so much.

As Sabrina walked past the grocery store with her sister, she noticed most people with their kids were in tank tops and shorts. For a moment, she thought she was missing an international event or there was a dress code for that day. She kept on admiring the beautiful ways the kids styled the tank tops with shorts, long pants, leggings, colourful sandals and sneakers. At the counter, she met a woman who had two beautiful girls and the fabric of the tank top caught her attention. She couldn't resist asking and she found out the thick and thin straps tank were made from Cotton and Polyester. 

 girls in tank tops

It was until she got out of the store and overheard two teenagers talking about how fun their summer was last year, she realized it was the 8th month of the year. Wow! She said to herself, I have totally lost track of time staying indoor, and this brought back memories of an exciting summer last year. 


It was the year she graduated from college and her dad had promised her a vacation to visit her Aunt in Cape Verde if she passed her exams. Cape Verde is known for their clear blue sky, beautiful beaches and all she could think of was enjoying the bright sunny days, wearing her swimsuits, tank tops and shorts she shopped for. 

 Yellow floral dress

At her aunt’s place in Cape Verde, her nephews were as excited as she was for the long holiday. They couldn't stop talking about the different colors of tank tops they were going to pair with their denim shorts. Sam, her youngest nephew had to hold the polo t-shirt and pocket twirl shorts he loved most to sleep. 

 boy in denim shirt

The long wait was over and everyone was looking forward to a fun filled day. Sam was over excited and he couldn’t decide what sandal to pair with his Polo.

 Boys ankara shorts

For a moment, Sabrina thought she was overdressed with her hats and sunshades till she got to the beach and saw that everyone was hyped about the holiday. Everyone had a unique way of styling their tank and shorts in several popping colors.

The memories got her blushing and she wondered why she isn’t creating those memories. She began to plan with her sister on how she would have a fun filled summer again!

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