Mum, you are so Much More.


Who can predict a mother’s journey? No one. Not even a mother herself. A mother just prepares herself for whatever the journey brings and wherever the path leads, she accepts with infinite optimism.

This is you, mum. This is your superpower. You could go to the ends of the earth in search of another one like you and you will find absolutely no one as strong as you.

If we ask you how the journey has been, you will probably have a million things to say or in some cases, nothing to say at all because words just do not cut it.

From changing diapers to breastfeeding all night. From endless cooking to doing the homework with your kids. From acting as their nurse when they are ill to constantly trying to teach them important life values and skills. Should we go on? Can you see just how much of yourself you have willingly given?

Now, the question we want to ask is how much love do you give yourself in return? How much credit do you give yourself? How many times have you said to yourself ‘Well done!’?

Motherhood may have changed your perspective on life but you are a bright light. Your eyes should not lose its sparkle. It is easy to neglect yourself in the journey of motherhood.

But we will always be here to remind you to fall in love with yourself over and over again. Do those things you love to do: meditation, exercise, sing in the shower, dance like you do not have a care in the world because you are so much more.

You are a confidant, a role model, a fearless woman with her own passion and interests, and an incredible force. You still got it, trust us.

As another Mother’s Day approaches, we hope you take out time to heal if you need to. We hope you take out time to love yourself better. And more importantly, we hope you take out time to see how colourful life is through our trendy and upbeat Mother’s Day collection.

For Mum and Her Princesses.

Mothering Sunday glam will definitely be different in our Raglan Swing Dress that is available in both long and midi lengths. This floaty, pink-themed dress will remind you of how free, colourful and happy you deserve to be. It will leave you embracing youthfulness again. It comes with a matching belt that can be worn across the waist and a matching head tie.

premium quality colourful ankara dress for mothers day for mothers fathers daughters son girls boys men women

premium quality colourful ankara dress for mothers daughters sons fathers baby girls for mothers day

colourful ankara dress for mothers baby girls boys men and women for mothers day 2023

If you are looking for something more flexible, then our floral Ankara Shirt dress is just what you need. The beauty of this chic dress remains unmatched.

This dress screams ‘versatility’. There are more than a few ways to style this cheery dress. You can style it with a belt across the waist with free pants or fitting pair of jeans and a pair of white sneakers. Or you can decide to unbutton it so it forms a jacket, while wearing a white inner and blue jeans with a pair of sneakers or heels for that boss mum look. The fedora hat is a stylish addition to give you a beautiful finish.

 premium quality ankara shirt dress for mothers baby girls daughters sons boys fathers men for Mothers day  

premium quality mothers day ankara shirt dress for mothers girls boys men fathers sons daughter for mothers day 2023  

premium quality ankara dress for baby girls daughters mothers sons boys fathers men for mothers day 2023  

premium quality ankara dress for mothers daughters fathers sons boys girls for mothers day 2023

Look at this! It is giving beauty! There is just something about ‘anko’ with your children that brings out the joy and happiness in the family. It is a reminder of the bond you all share, the love you have for each other and the strength you possess as a mother.

For Dads and his Little Men

Mothers are selfless, so we know they would want us to design something for fathers and the little men of the house too. And we did!

Our Vintage Ankara Cuban Shirt for daddy and the boys features a short-sleeved print on print style. The firm collar of this shirt is floral patterned, the tail of the sleeves are designed with white and black stripes and the body of the shirt is red and black patterned Ankara.

This shirt can be buttoned down with a white tee on the inner. Style with matching white shorts and a pair of sneakers.

If you are going for that crisp style, simply button it up and pair with blue, black or white pants.

 premium quality ankara for mothers fathers sons daughters boys girls for mothers day  

premium quality ankara shirt and dress for fathers sons men boys for mothers day 2023

Imagine how colourful Sunday will be in this collection. You will literally turn heads.

 All these and much more are available on and in our retail stores, nationwide.

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