Fancy Feet Take Better Steps!


Getting new pair of shoes always brings an exciting feeling. But guess what’s more exciting? Knowing you will command every room you walk in, with those shoes.

The confidence you get from wearing good pair of shoes, is undeniable. When you wear good pair of shoes, the confidence will be seen in your steps, the way you carry yourself, all the way down to how you speak.

Your children deserve this high level of confidence. If you do not start to build it now, then when? When they are older and already dealing with poor self-esteem? We hope not!

The job is easier now that they are young and still pretty much teachable. You can start by teaching them the importance of stepping into anywhere with only good shoes.

And when we say good shoes, we mean stylish, durable and comfortable shoes. Shoes whose soles won’t fall of just because it is raining season. Shoes that complement the personality you want your kids to exude.

premium quality sneakers for boys girls babies children

You need to keep their little feet fancy with our shoe collection which has an incredibly wide range. We’re talking sneakers, slides, sandals, ballerinas, and moccasins.


Our sneakers collection is the ultimate blend of style, comfort and performance. They are also very breathable and ensure your kids have their fun with no discomfort.

Not only are they made with quality materials, they are designed in different colours so you have multiple options. Just pick a colour and style that represents your kid’s bubbly personality.

premium quality sneakers for children, boys and girls

Playdates, sports time and casual outings are way more fun if your shining stars are comfortable in our sneakers collection.

Our sneakers collection is available in different sizes and ages ranging from babies-18 years old.


Easy to wear, easy to take off. Who would not want a pair of our fancy slides?

Our slides put the ‘c’ in comfort. Their foot-beds are cushioned to provide support and comfort, making them perfect for lounging around their favorite casual spots and running errands.

premium quality slides slippers slip-ons for children, boys and girls

And simply because colours spice up our life, we have them available in different colours too. For days you do not feel like rocking blue slides, you can rock our comfy orange slides!


Our sandals are designed with soft and durable materials to keep your child’s feet comfortable all day long.

Though they appear all fun and playful, don’t mistake them for basic. They are sturdy and quite durable.

Their colourful straps and cute accents make them a lovely addition to their casual outfits. Perfect for a day out in the warm weather, fun outings and family gatherings.

premium quality sneakers for children, boys and girls

They are available in different colours, and sizes for both boys and girls.


Who is in the garden? A beautiful girl in her stunning ballerinas!

Our feather-light ballerinas are designed to give your princesses elegance in every step they take.

With their sleek, glossy finish and delicate ribbons, these shoes are a work of art in their own right, crafted to hug their foot and create a flawless line from the tip of the toe to the crown of their head.

These shoes are perfect for special occasions when you style them with finely-detailed, elegant dresses.

premium quality sneakers for children boys and girls


When you want your little gentleman to look stylish without even trying, our moccasins are your go-to shoes.

Like a warm hug for their tiny toes, these shoes are a perfect blend of style and function. They can be styled with floral or plain shirts and shorts, for that funky look.

premium quality moccasins shoes for boys girls children

And when you want them to appear savvy? Style with full-length pants.

Our moccasins are available in different colours and sizes.

We could go on and on about how fancy all our shoes are. The best part is that we have a shoe for every moment but how will you know that if you do not check it out yourself in retail stores nationwide?

Or you can also shop them here

We are counting on you to shop, make their feet fancy and help them take better steps.

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