Create Unforgettable Memories in our Mother’s Day Special.

From sleepless nights to endless worries, a mother’s job has proven to be one of the toughest jobs ever. The intriguing part is, it never really ends.

From Kindergarten, the onus rests on you to nurture your children and when they are all grown, you are the still their biggest support system; offering support in whatever form they require.

Your back may be breaking off the demands of motherhood but it brings you so much joy that you get to experience this journey. However, in the course of the journey, there is a tendency to lose yourself completely.

We have just one advise on that: Please, do not lose yourself. But if you feel like you have, try to find yourself again.

And finding yourself begins with asking those questions you always shove to the back of your mind like they do not matter.

Questions like: When was the last time you did something for you? when was the last time you took yourself out? Or even went on a girl’s trip? When was the last time you shopped something, you will love in years to come?

For some, it has been ages since they did any of these. We are sending you hugs and bringing you all the love in the R’n’T Mother’s Day Special!

R’n’T Mother’s Day Special

Life is vibrant, colourful, happy. Why should you be anything other than that? Should being a mother deprive you of all that? No!

That is why we have designed a Mother’s Day collection for the whole family, that will help you see the beauty of life, not from your children’s eyes, but from yours, this time.

This collection consists of brilliant colourful, chic, trendy and floaty outfits that can be styled in multiple ways. This collection is a representation of the life we want you to have, even as a mother. You are the moment and you will forever be ‘that girl’.

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The Contest

This year, we are doing something a little extra for you. We are giving you a free family photoshoot, a framed portrait from the shoot, and an outfit from our Mother’s Day collection.

To get all these, you have to :

  • Scan the barcode in our stores.
  • You will be re-directed to a site.
  • Answer the questions on the site.
  • Shop from our Mother’s Day collection.
  • The most interesting answers win.
  • Winners will be chosen at random but best believe it could be you.

The beauty of this life is to truly live and be happy. And since you only live once, why not live a colourful, wonderful, vibrant life that is true to who you are?

We will be waiting to make you our special winner. Have fun, sweet mother.

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