Lit Times Call for Lit Outfits.

The way time flies never cease to be amazing. One minute, we’re shouting ‘happy new year’ at and the next, we’re approaching the end of January, 2023.

As the days go by so fast, so do your kids grow day by day. Their memories, style, taste, fashion and everything else becomes better.

They get a better understanding of who they are, who they want to be and what they hope to become. You’d also find them wanting to explore more and may say ‘but I’m 13. I’m a big girl now’ when you give them a very stiff curfew.

Kids are quite fascinating. Today, they’re just little babies clinging on to you. Tomorrow, they’re teenagers wanting playtime without you. Just them and their friends. And this is great really! It’s a signs of healthy development and honestly, you need some breathing space too. Lol. Though it seems the job of parenting is only just beginning at this stage because now, you have to make sure their esteem is protected as they start to learn to be independent.

The onus lies with parents to ensure their kids are shining, glowing, fashionable and classy. And we will be sharing a few fashion tips to make sure the kid’s fun times have them showing up in lit outfits.

Try Prints

Every day is not for basic styles. You know, the one where you just have them slay white shirt on black pants. That’s way too regular. Your sweethearts’ lives are so happy, so their outfits should be just as colourful sometimes, to reflect their usually happy mood.

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For our little gentlemen, you can totally have them match our multicolour print shirt with dark blue or even pink pants depending on how daring he intends to be at the time.

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For our princesses, style is evident when they rock our multifloral prints short with a pink blouse.

Then, if you’re willing to be even more daring, you should totally try prints on prints. It’s such a stylish way to show up. Just ensure that when it comes to styling stripes, the top should have smaller stripes while the bottom could have bolder stripes or vice versa.

The idea is to match blending prints together so the style doesn’t fall off. Whichever way, prints is a yes!


Say after us: ‘I’d never underestimate the importance of accessories.

Done? Great! When it comes to style, accessorizing puts the icing on the cake. A beautiful outfit may appear dull if the right accessories are not used on it.

When accessorizing our little princesses, try not to miss out on some nice jewelry. Then, depending on the outfit of choice, you could throw in a nice pair of sunglasses, or hair bows. And finally, let them carry their bag, like the classy girls they are.

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For our little princes, spice up their outfit with a nice looking belt, colourful socks, sunglasses or even bow ties.

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Try accessorizing them according to the occasion too. We’re rooting for you!

Choose Stylish Comfort

Comfort is a necessary requirement for confidence. How can they be confident if they don’t feel comfortable?

Honestly, wearing something you’re not comfortable in makes you feel awkward, and before you know, you end up behaving awkwardly too.

It’s exactly same thing for our little stars. So, if their lit times must produce fun memories, please let them pick styles that will allow them maximum comfort so they can be confident.

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Shopping for Lit Times

Everything we offer you: from clothes to accessories to shoes, are all designed to ensure our little stars make the best of their moments and have the best memories.

Confidence is a gateway to having lit moments. It’s easier to have fun when you’re the star of the moment.

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To shop for lit moments, visit our stores or click Let’s raise happy kids and make their moments lit!

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