Valentine’s for Showing Love

January is finally over. Yes, finally because January usually feels like a whole year on its own but thankfully, it’s done and dusted.

And now February is here. This brings us closer to Valentine’s Day which is on Feb 14th, a day set aside to celebrate love in all its diverse forms.

You already know we love love. We’re big fans of love because why else are we in the business of making kids happy if not because of our love for both you and your sweethearts?

Everyday is for showing them love but, it has become more important because we’re in the season of love.

Cupid is out to play and so are we. And this time, we’ve designed a Valentine collection stitched with an unbelievable amount of love! We’d be giving it all to your babies, no holding back.

premium quality clothes and fashion for kids this Valentine

This season, we urge you to speak to them. Let them know every moment that you love them. Explain to them the concept of Valentine when they ask, as opposed to shunning them like they’ve asked a question so abominable.

But above all, show them you love them by gifting them some of the amazing outfits from our Valentine collection. All of them, stitched with all the love in our hearts.

Now, to the exciting part, *claps hands in excitements*, Let’s show you just a sneak peak of our Valentine collection.

The Little Gentleman

Training boys that become gentlemen starts from now. Yes, this formative age of theirs. And it’s such an amazing thing to watch because of how rapid the changes occur.

Now that Valentine is here, you want to educate them about the season, the importance of giving and receiving love. Your education will let them know when something is not right or when they’re on the receiving end of an unhealthy friendship, even in school.

For instance, they have a valentine’s party at school but don’t see the need of exchanging gifts with people. Perhaps you got them something, but they kept it for themselves instead. But with you enlightening them about the beauty of love, they’d understand that sharing is an act of love they mustn’t ignore.premium quality clothes for boys this Valentine

And when it comes down to dressing for the occasion (valentine parties or hangouts with friends), you want to check out our boys' collection for Valentine. Style them in our Multicolour Cuban Shirt Set and a pair of our wine All Stars.

Don’t forget to accessorize with some sunglasses. The sun is ever blazing afterall, so yeah protect their eyes. A little hot gentleman, in a hot Valentine season? A look! A stunning one!

The Little Angels

Have you ever looked at your daughter and felt like ‘surely now, heaven must be missing some of its angels’.

We’re with you on that one because she’s so beautiful and deserve all the love you give. Just like you did for your little gentlemen, educate our angels about the importance of giving and receiving love.

More importantly, let her know that she’s very much loved at home so she understands what ideal love has to be. This helps her set standards in her friendships at school and beyond.

When she feels she’s loved at home, she won’t go seeking it in the wrong places. For instance, she won’t stay with a group of friends that bully or hurt her feelings just because she feels ‘needy’ of attention and wants to belong by all means.

When it comes to being the best dressed at that Valentine party in school, you should totally surf through the girls’ section of our Valentine collection.

premium quality clothes, accessories for kids this Valentine

You can totally style her in our Ankara Butterfly dress so she can walk about, giving people butterflies in their belly. Lol. How cute.

Shop Our Valentine Collection

Want to show them you love them to the moon and back? You already know what to do next. Lol

Yep, visit our stores nationwide or if you’re one to enjoy a stress free life, click

We bet you’d see all you need to show your babies love this Valentine. Happy shopping!

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