Elegance in and out of Class


Who says smart kids can’t be cool kids? Of course, they can! In fact, it’s a major plus for your child to be elegant in and outside class, or when they hang out with friends.

Gone are the days when intelligence was associated with those nerdy-looking kids. You know, the ones with the big classes and ill-fitting clothes that will probably take a couple years to fit in them.

We’ve seen intelligence go hand in hand with our classy fashion. We know this because we’ve raised them here, with you!

It’s way better for a child to be confident wherever they find themselves than for their esteem to suffer blows bigger than one Mike Tyson will ever give.

Imagine they get into class all styled up with our back-to-school essentials, and you know kids, they talk a lot about everything. So, they go on about how they have the fanciest looking backpack or school shoes.

As if that’s not enough, your kids are so confident and comfortable in their skin and fashion that they can easily settle into their studies in class and excel. There you have it, a smart and cool kid, all in one beautiful package of joy.

Sure enough, other kids are going to want to emulate your little stars because they’ve seen that it’s not so hard to be the coolest and smartest kid at the same time.

We know school is in session but they don’t get to spend the whole day in school. They still get to have time for playdates with their friends. If you’ve ever felt ostracized from your gathering of friends because of how oddly dressed you were from them, you’d understand the need to ensure your little darling looks really good, even to play with their friends.

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When it comes to boosting their confidence and making sure their fragile ego isn’t deflated at such a tender age, we’ve got just the right fashion you can latch on to, right here. Best part? We’d also be telling you about them so you make no mistakes with it. So, let’s do this.


Everything is just right with hoodies; the style, the class, and your wonderful munchkin.

Hoodies are more like hooded sweatshirts, jackets or tops with the hood hanging just around the base of the neck. You could get whatever colour of hoodies your babies like.  We’re all for giving them a chance to make their choice in their own fashion. It’s only fair.

premium quality boys hoodies in Nigeria. Boys clothes

You want to pay close attention to the colour of the hoodie as it helps accentuates the outfit and the beauty of your little fashionista.

Let them style hoodies with a nice pair of pants or shorts and sneakers. But if your baby girl is more daring and wouldn’t mind pop of colours, try more colourful shorts like our Magenta Girls Fleece Short.

durable premium quality girls hoodies


T-shirts are one of the most comfortable, versatile styles for your little bunny. You can rock a tee with a lot of pieces, depending on your style.

The fascinating thing about ‘tees’ as they’re fondly called is that they’re skin friendly and can be paired with some nice pants, shorts, or even skirts!

durable strong premium quality Tees T-shirts Shirts for boys and kids

premium quality tees T-shirts for baby boys and kids

Don’t forget to add a pair of nice sneakers or sandals and accessories. Glam up and send us pictures when you do!


‘Her royal gorgeousness’, your baby girl, our princess, can never have enough dresses. Honestly, think about it.

She’s going to need flowery dresses, or perhaps she likes sequin instead. And when it comes down to special occasions, won’t she need some pretty ball or Damask dresses?

beautiful premium quality dresses for girls for special occasion

You get our point now, right? The truth is whether casual or special occasion, we’ve got a dress for them all.

premium quality flowery casual ankara dresses for baby girls

And the trends have changed! Little queen can’t be wearing same dress for a couple months or years now, she needs more dresses. So, come shop more for her.


Shoes add the final touch to an outfit. No matter what, you want to make sure your babies are wearing great shoes.

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And great shoes are not just about what they look like because really all that glitters isn’t gold. You want to ensure the shoes you get for your babies are comfortable, durable and of the best premium quality.

beautiful girls shoes of premium quality

Apart from the fact that every pair of shoes in our stores have these qualities, there’s the part of exclusivity. Your kids are important to us so we would ensure they’re not wearing the regular basic shoes. With us, they’d always have only the rarest of the best quality even on playdates.

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Shop elegance in and out of Class

Educating them spans far beyond the classroom. It cuts across their style and confidence.

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So, start now when they’re young. Start right, with us by clicking www.ruffntumblekids.com or visiting any of our stores.

 Here’s to making our little royalties elegant in and out class all the time!

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