Summer is officially here and it is time to take a break, bond and share amazing memories from the comfort of our homes. The pandemic said NO to summer plans but there is always a way to make every minute count; the first step is to make this summer COLORFUL!!!, spice things up by infusing some colors in our home to set up the mood for fun.

 Summer girls clothing

Last year at school, kids were asked to draw their favorite objects, paint them with beautiful colors and paste on walls of their classroom alongside colorful balloons that have different shapes and sizes in preparation for summer.  

Before the close of the term, there was a lineup of fun activities, indoor & outdoor games for the week and all these was to make the kids anticipate the surprises awaiting them. Some of these outdoor activities the children participated in were hide & seek, skipping, hooping, running competitions, cycling, swimming, football and table tennis which was followed by prizes for winners. Classroom activities were also suspended after exam and the kids were allowed to play board games, puzzles, snake & ladders, monopoly, chess which improve their reasoning and decision making.

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Spending a special day with the family should be top of the list which can be packed with exciting games and delicious meals enticing the eye with amazing color pop. We have also seen our parents excited about discovering talents this summer and are willing to give their kids all the support they have shown interest. The weekend will always be the best time for you to watch them explore and have fun with their friends.

Food is also an exciting way to spice up the mood. Coconut drink is one of our go-to fruit drink on the beach. We also love to make fruit salad, smoothies with a blend of several fruits which is served in colorful cups alongside cookies, cakes. We shouldn’t forget the rich taste of homemade yogurt and ice cream to keep us hydrated this summer.

Summer shorts for girls 

In as much as we would be having so much fun with our kids at home this summer, we want to make sure our little ones are in comfortable clothing. As the weather gets hotter, the season calls for clothes that are free, comfy, stylish and of course colorful. We are all about stepping up your fashion game this summer!

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