3 Graduation speech ideas that will help your child render an amazing speech

Your child's graduation ceremony is one of the most important days of their life. It is one of those many special occasions that are memorable to them and so, should be revered.

As your child's number one fan, you should give it your best shot at making their special day filled with happy memories.

Being chosen to represent a graduating class, by presenting a speech, is a great honor that comes to well-deserving students, who have earned respect form both their teachers and peers. However, your child would need guidance to render an amazing speech and that is where you come in.

First of all, you may want to help them organize their thoughts. So, having a brainstorming session is a perfect way to learn their school-life experiences, successes, and important events, then have them pen those thoughts down.

Another important step is, to choose a theme for their speech. Doing this helps to guide their thoughts in delivering a coherent speech. You also need to teach them, to give structure to their speech. So it is captivating, and engaging as they tell the audience their story.

Now, you've helped your child write an interesting speech, but how do you help them deliver a beautiful speech?

  1. Teach them to memorize their speech: With a well-written speech, it is not out of place to memorize it, to avoid reading from the paper. You don't want them to get the embarrassment of seeming unprepared.
  2. Keep it short and simple: Kids have short attention spans. So, imagine the disaster a long speech would cause. You should advise your child to keep their speech short and simple (the ideal time should between five to eight minutes) so that their peers can enjoy their speech.
  3.  Teach them to speak slowly and pause for emphasis: A conscious effort to speak slowly will drive home their message, as they speak to the audience. Teach them to relax as they speak, and pause at intervals to emphasize their points.

As you guide them through this interesting journey, you will help them build confidence and enthusiasm to accept the responsibilities they are given.

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