You are so cool; your kids are so cool but guess what else is cool? Shorts! Yes, you saw that right. Never underestimate the power of a snug and comfy short when it comes to dressing down but still looking cool.

children's shorts

Let us be honest, full length pants are great but sometimes, they might look a little bit ‘too much’. Sometimes, the occasion needs something cooler, something fly and then, you will turn to the stylish shorts because you are about to SHORT IT DOWN!

boys shorts

They come in different colours and styles; some are basic and some are turned up shorts. And oh! The fabric! They differ too; from chinos to denim, shorts just keep proving that they are the coolest kids on the fashion block.

From after-school lessons to casual outings at their favorite spots, here are some cool ways to style their shorts.


When you combine the comfy shorts with a relaxed pair of sandals, you have very comfortable happy kids, just playing about and having fun. No discomfort with this combo.

For your little boy’s shorts, you could either opt for breathable shorts with elasticated waists or hems or the basic shorts that can be held firmly to their waists with belts. Style the shorts with a lovely tee shirt for a cooler look but if your little boy’s style is similar to that of Young Sheldon, he would love a shirt instead for that suave look. Let them throw on a pair of active sandals for that up-and-about comfy look.

When it comes to girl’s shorts, your princess can either have a denim, floral, or even biker shorts. In fact, there are quite a number of shorts styles for her. Let her pair her shorts with a snug blouse or pretty floral tee. To complete the look, a pair of dainty platform or flat sandals will do the trick.

So many ways to style your children’s shorts!


You already know that a good pair of sneakers gives you that pump even when you do not feel like it sometimes.

Your little boy should try styling his shorts with a nice shirt or graphic tee and then, he should accentuate his look by throwing on a nice quality denim jackets, to reveal the tee or shirt on the inside. To complete his look, he should put on a pair of sneakers and a pair of sunglasses.

children's shorts

Your girl is a trendsetter, a show stopper, and she does not always need to be in a dress to show that. Sometimes, let her short it down with a pair of denim shorts, floral top and a pair of quality sneakers.

Can you now see that a pair of shorts and sneakers happen to be best of friends?


With how far fashion has come, sometimes, your kids can get both a top and bottom in one set of a 2 piece Ankara style.

It is interesting because your kids can decide to style their shorts alone with another plain coloured top or better still trade the matching top of their Ankara two piece with another Ankara top, so it forms a pattern-on-pattern style.

Even when the day does not look as bright as you would want it to be, when your children step out in their Ankara shorts to the admiration of all who see them, the gloom will disappear and make way for the warmth that their cuteness will fill you with.

boys shorts

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