Crocs, Polos and Shorts: The After-School Starter Pack

Lengthy school hours, after-school lessons and lots of learning! Gosh! If we were your kids, we would be stressed too. Their itinerary seems to be a lot.

There is just so much going on at once and the last thing you want to add is the discomfort of poor quality clothing and a style that gives other kids the jump scare. Definitely not good for their confidence.

Although school hours have been designed for hours of vigorous academic learning, with your kids having maybe just 1-2 hours of break time in between, the learning still does not end there. They proceed to attend after-school lessons for further learning.

During school periods, they go about learning in school uniforms that may or may not be comfortable enough to encourage easy learning, that is why after-school lessons should be different. Whatever learning they missed out on during school hours because their school uniforms were probably made of highly discomforting material, they get the chance to make up for it and learn better in the iconic comfy trio: crocs, polos and shorts.

 children clothes

Speaking of Crocs, polos and shorts, let us tell you just how easy they make learning to be.


So many reasons to choose Crocs as their go-to footwear for after-school lessons but the one that stands out the most is simple: RAIN.

The rainy season is lovely because it enhances sleep and keeps the weather cool all day long but it also gets annoying. Imagine getting stuck under the rain in your favorite pair of kicks. All that water is enough to ruin them. Days like that will have you thinking whether style is worth it at all.

Do not get frustrated, just get Crocs. Crocs have proven to be the simplest, comfiest footwear ever. In recent times, styling Crocs have become better. From styling them with Ankara and other native wears to styling them with corporate and casual wears, Crocs versatility is being appreciated by many.

crocs for boys

crocs for girls

Good thing is Crocs can be styled in all seasons; suitable for rainy and dry seasons. It is also quite durable and dependable. When shopping for their after-school fashion, consider Crocs for your children. If the rain meets them at school, with Crocs, their feet will not be stuck in soggy shoes and they will remain comfortable as they learn and interact with friends.

 Also, they get to be the coolest kids in class because truth be told, there is just this ease and swag Crocs puts into every step they take. Crocs for your boys and girls is always a good choice especially now.


Times have changed but Polos have remained. Whether in a simple or graphic polo, your kids are sure to be comfortable.

Most polos are designed with breathable material and are quite easy to throw on. Another good thing with polos is that they are quite easy to style.

polo for children

Whether your kids style them with shorts, pants, denim or even skirts, it always makes sense. Instead of being distracted by the itch an uncomfortable piece of clothing causes them in class, they can choose comfort in a simple polo. It always works.


School hours is the time for the serious stuff; they probably spent their day wearing three piece suits or dresses that made them look a little ‘bottleneck-ish’, let them be free during after-school hours.

One thing you need to understand is that your kids also ‘network’ except that it is called ‘making friends’ at this stage of their lives. After-school learning is not just for academic learning but also for their networking and styling.

Now, how do you expect them to do all of that if they are struggling to move in their uncomfortable pair of pants or tripping over themselves in oversize pants? let them slay in shorts!

shorts for children

They need to be comfortable to simultaneously learn and make friends. These things may be considered as little but it goes a long way into shaping them to be confident, high-achieving individuals.

Do you now see how the iconic trio (Crocs, polos and shorts) helps make after-school learning easier?

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And with this, we have come to the end of today’s ‘TED talk’, lol. Stay tuned to see more featured interesting reads for you. Have a wonderful time ahead!

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