Celebrate The Strength of Naija in Our Independence Collection

You see, there are three types of people when we celebrate the Naija Independence Day- the ones who find even the tiniest reason to celebrate the day, the people who are completely indifferent to the day and last but not the least, the people who cannot seem to find anything that Nigeria has done right in all her years of existence.

If you are doing anything other than finding even it is a teeny weeny reason to celebrate the Nigerian Independence, then we need to have a little chit chat.

boys clothes

We get it. It may seem as though nothing is going right and the thought of relocating to another continent wakes you up and takes you to bed at night, each day. But the fact that you even have this freedom to make diverse choices such as this is as a result of the crude efforts made by our leaders in time past as they fought the gruesome fight to Independence.

girls clothes

From the contagious happiness that bounces off every Nigerian street to the hearty laughter that escapes the lips of the adventurous Nigerian child, Independence Day reminds us of the importance of freedom in shaping the lives of our children.

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So, when they come to you requesting new clothes for that Independence Day party at school, we hope you remember the joy that the day brought and seek to expand this joy by shopping our Independence Collection that celebrates the strength of Naija.


More than the regular shopping for your children’s clothes, the girls section consists of colourful, playful and dainty skirts, dresses, shorts, blouses, denims and jackets for your daughters.

Your daughter is about to own the spotlight with our ‘street vibes’ clothes. This green and white short-sleeved bomber jacket is perfect to provide her with warmth even if it decides to rain on their school party.

bomber jacket for girls

Style your daughter in this green number with a white long-sleeve high-neck top on the inside and for the bottom, a pair of black snug trousers will do. She should accentuate the look with a pair of plain white sneakers.

If she will rather be a proper princess and rock a dress instead, then this floral green and white chiffon number is great for that floaty feeling. Its lightweight nature allows your daughter to move quite comfortably as she parties and learns about the relevance of the Nigerian Independence.

girls dresses

girls chiffon dresses


In the spirit of Independence, our boy’s clothes for your son scream strength and resilience. Our colourful Independence collection is designed to put the admirable Naija swag in every step your boy takes.

From this Green and White Ankara Bomber Jacket to the cargo pants, the beauty of Naija is seen. If you try styling this jacket with a short or long-sleeve white tee on the inside and a pair of white denim, even will you not believe the adorable amount of swag that this outfit will give your son. If you then want to completely rock the look, let him throw on a pair of white sneakers with graphic soles. To accentuate this look, a pair of white-rimmed sunglasses will do just fine.

boys clothes

boys clothes

To celebrate Nigeria’s 63rd birthday, you know we will not be giving you just two or three outfits. Walk into our stores to see the plethora of fashion items we have in store for your beautiful and handsome kids to celebrate our beloved Naija or you can just relax, cross your legs, and shop on https://www.ruffntumblekids.com/collections/independence  as you lay on your couch and sip hot cocoa as it rains heavily outside.

Happy Independence Day Naija!

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