Chic Dresses for The Stellar Little Lady

These girls! One minute, they are learning how to walk, and the next, they are dragging your makeup, skincare and even heels with you! Lol.

We need you to understand that these things are normal and nope, she is not doing too much. She is just doing what she has seen you do. Every day with your princess presents you with fresh opportunities to properly teach her how to be delicate, how to be prim and proper, how to be a lady.

Forget about being ‘woke’, being a lady never goes out of style. It is one way for your daughter to easily make friends, build her confidence and be assertive without being aggressive. When she is taught that it is equally powerful to embrace her femininity, the world becomes her oyster.

girls clothes

At this point, we have stylish, chic dresses for girls to show you, the kind that allows her move fluidly like the ocean as she enchants everyone with her beauty.

At this very moment, we want you to look at your daughter. Look at her delicate frame. Don’t you think that body will look good in a chic dress from Ruff ‘n’ Tumble?

Here are a few dresses for girls that you can explore for your little princess.

Floral Dresses

Floral dresses just have a way of making your daughter look like a beautiful sunflower. It brings sparkle to their eyes and sheen to their skin. Floral dresses are a constant reminder of how being a girl can be so beautiful and comfortable.

girls dresses

Floral dresses know how to add the ‘cat’ to your daughter’s ‘walk’, so cat walking in a floral dress is almost automatic. It compels them to be ladylike and all cute.

The floral dress may be an A-line dress, a pleated dress or even a ball dress and all these dresses are sitting pretty waiting for you in our retail stores nationwide.

If you need to activate the girly side of your daughter, why not try a floral dress from Ruff ‘n’ Tumble today?

A-line Dresses

If you are an ‘A-line dress’ kind of mum, then you will understand the comfort it brings you. A-line dresses are just what you need when you need to stay trendy but not uncomfortable.

Whoever said ‘beauty is pain’ probably never wore an A-line dress. With an A-line dress, your daughter is sure to experience easy movement as this type of dresses are free and quite breathable.

a-line dresses for girls

Considering how simple A-line dresses often are, it is advisable to appropriately style them. As your daughter puts on an A-line dress, do not forget to adorn her hair with a nice hairband and a pair of cute slip-ons, sandals, ballerinas or even sneakers.

Do not be afraid to experiment or switch it up with A-line dresses as they are quite versatile. Whether Ankara, floral, or plain-coloured, find out the type of A-line dress your daughter wants and bring out the cutie in her.

Pleated Dresses

We will like to look at Pleated dresses as the junior sister to the exquisite ball dress because it truly does form a ball, not just a flamboyant one.

Pleated dresses have come a long way but it is not going out of fashion anytime soon. Usually, the pleats on the waistline of a pleated dress accentuates the area and leaves a simple but beautiful look on your daughter.

ankara dresses for girls

Pleated dresses can be worn to both casual and semi-formal events and if you are up for looking and feeling all cute, go for a ‘mummy and me anco’ look with your daughter. Get all matchy-matchy and get spectators in their feels.

Get your daughter twirling in any of all these chic dress options by walking into our retail stores nationwide or click  to shop.

We cannot wait to make you and your little princess an adorable duo with our chic dresses, so come on in today!

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