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Easter is just around the corner and it is time to get excited about all the cute, colourful and vibrant fashion that comes with it.

We know you look forward to all the ‘visiting’ that will be going on this season. But guess who is more excited about the visits than you are? Your children!

They can not wait to see that aunty who has been speaking to them on phone, the one who promised to visit during Easter.

What about the cousins they have not seen in a while? Or the many fun places you promised to take them this Easter?

Do you understand their excitement now? So many memories to be made. How exciting!

The height of their excitement are the new outfits you will get them so they shine the brightest this season. And thankfully, we have them all!

From floaty dresses to pretty pastel designs, sophisticated shirts to elegant dresses and shoes that allow you either dress them up or down.  

We have taken inspiration from the season and added cheerful florals, fun prints and playful accessories to create an assortment that is as fresh and joyful as the season itself.

You are in for a colourful treat with our Easter collection. Talking will not do justice, so let us show you a sneak peek of what we have for you this season.

For Your Princesses

The season is beautiful but the dresses in our Easter collection are even more beautiful.

A beautiful princess in a beautiful colourful dress, going all out this beautiful season! Just perfect and we love to see it!

Your princesses will totally have the spotlight on her in our chic multicoloured ruffled sleeveless dress, with matching hair bows. Accentuate this look with a pair of glossy beige sandals or ballerinas.

premium quality dresses for baby girls and teenagers this Easter

premium quality dresses for baby  girls this Easter

premium quality dresses for baby girls this Easter

The ruffles on this dress gives it a unique leaf-like design at the very top, just around the neckline. Considering they will be doing a lot of visiting and hanging out this season, the A-line fit of the dress provides maximum comfort so they move with ease.

This dress is just one of the many beauties we have in our store. Come in, and have a fun time shopping the best outfits for your baby girls this season.

For Your Little Men

A boy’s confidence is one of the most precious gifts he can have and the onus is on you to help build a healthy confidence for him.

This season is just another wonderful opportunity to build that confidence through impeccable fashion.

We can almost see his confidence beaming through when he steps into the place in our Cuban Blue and White Short Set. Complete this cool look with a pair of blue and white sneakers or just plain white dependable sneakers.

premium quality clothes for baby boys this Easter

premium quality clothes for baby boys this Easter

If the ‘sneak peek’ looks like this, then you can only imagine all the bright and colourful outfits we have for you this season.

Hop on over and shop in our retail stores nationwide or on https://www.ruffntumblekids.com/collections/easter-collection

Happy Easter!

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