Celebrate Eid Al-Fitr in Style.

One thing about the festive holidays- there will always be lot of merriment! And we are here for all that joy, love and kindness all through the season.

Your celebration is our celebration and your joy, our joy too. We live for all the best moments you live for-the visits, the exchange of gifts and the bonding of family members far and near. All these moments make such beautiful sight.

But one thing that excites us the most are the styles. Omg! We definitely live for the elegant styles that you will be rocking this Eid al-Fitr.

What is not to love? The sleek turbans that you style with the elegant, modest dresses? Or the way your kids rock them with so much grace? We love all of it.

And because we intend to make this Eid even more special than the last, we have designed an Eid collection for your children.

As you teach your children the importance of reflecting love and kindness this Eid, it is also important you teach them the beauty of reflecting all these good virtues with grace through our elegant and modest Eid collection.

Style them as graceful as you want them to be perceived or seen.

Our Eid collection has something chic, elegant or whimsically stylish for both boys and girls. From the bold prints to modest fashion, we have it all. We do not mean to tease you but if you know us, you know our conversation will not be complete if we don’t show you a little of what we have for you this Eid celebration.

Let us get on to it!

For the Girls

You know that feeling where you are so excited and you want to talk about everything at once but you know you really have to start with one exciting news at a time?

Yes! we’re are that point because we have so many exciting designs to show you but we know we cannot show you everything here but one thing we will do is tease you with this Neon-fuchsia pink pattern-on-pattern chic dress, with matching hair bands.

premium quality strong colourful ankara dress for baby girls this Salah Eid al-fitr

This colourful dress is definitely a reflection of the cute side of your princesses. The pleated frills on the neckline forms a square style round the neckline and this complements the short sleeves of the dress. The A-line style of the dress ensures that your princess enjoys maximum comfort as she struts into family gatherings this Eid. Accentuate this look with a pair of plain white sneakers

Your girl surely needs one of this in her closet and Eid will be even brighter for her and everyone around her when she struts in this Neon-fuchsia pink number.

There is more from where this came from but you will never know if you do not visit our retail stores or shop on our online store.

Won’t you love to find out or see for yourself? Come shop with us today to see more.

For the Boys

Our little men are not left out. Our standard-fit graphic Ankara shirt is just right for them.

premium quality ankara shirt for boys for Salah, or Eid al-fitr

premium quality ankara shirt for Salah or Eid al-fitr

The versatility of this shirt cannot be over emphasized. The harmony of colours on this shirt makes it irresistible.

The shirt can be styled as a simple crisp shirt, all buttoned up, with a pair of beige chinos pants or maybe you want to try styling with a pair of full-length blue jeans.

You can also style them with a pair of blue shorts when you unbutton the shirt with a white tee on the inside.

The beautiful part of this shirt is that it can be styled in multiple ways. To put the icing on the cake, style with a pair of formal burgundy shoes or comfy moccasins.

Eid will never be ordinary with a boy looking this colourful, in the room.

If you have been bonding over sumptuous meals only every Eid, now is your chance to visit our retail stores nationwide or click https://www.ruffntumblekids.com/collections/salah to shop today.

Happy Eid Al-Fitr!

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