Easy Ways to Care for Your Ankara

Ankara is such a beautiful, colourful fabric that can be used to design a wide range of styles that span from trendy and chic to classic and stylish.

As beautiful as they are, poor maintenance can cause the colours on them to fade off; leaving you with bland-looking Ankara that you really do not want to be seen in.

Since the beauty of Ankara are their vibrant colours and bold patterns, we will be giving you useful tips on how to preserve them so they last longer for your children.

Hand Wash your Ankara

Yes, you are probably used to using the washing machine because really, come to think of it, who wants the stress of hand-washing their garments?

But in this case, you must know that washing machine and Ankara fabrics are a no-no! Laundering them with washing machine will cause the colours to bleed out. And in some cases, where you didn’t sort them out from other outfits, the colours from the Ankara will bleed into these other outfits and damage them.

This is exactly why you must hand wash them. It may be stressful but we cannot imagine you losing the colours on a beauty such as our Ankara puff sleeved dress with matching hair bows.

premium quality colourful ankara dress for baby girls in cloth stores

Air Dry Away from the Sun

One thing you don’t want to do is leave your babies Ankara under the sun for too long or even at all, if you can. It is always best to dry them out, under a shade.

Again, the colours on Ankara fabrics are delicate and should be treated as such. If they stay out under the sun for too long, they tend to lose their colours and what is an Ankara fabric without its colours? Absolutely nothing.

premium quality ankara clothes dress for girls and boys and children

Iron them Inside Out

Styling your kids in a well ironed Ankara fabric will always get you a big ‘thumb up’ from us. But you must turn them inside out before ironing.

This is because the heat from the iron could scorch the patterns and destroy the colours. Also iron them on moderate heat.

colourful ankara dress for baby girls and boys and children and parents

No bleaching or Using Harsh Detergents.

Ankara fabrics and bleach are old time enemies. They do not see eye to eye. Bleach is meant to make a white outfit appear whiter.

What do you then think it will do to your babies colourful vibrant Ankara fabric? What you are thinking is correct. It will definitely wash out all the pretty colours on it.

Same thing happens when you use harsh detergents to launder your Ankara. Kindly avoid bleaching or using harsh detergents on your Ankara fabrics.

 But if your kids do not own an Ankara piece, how will you then understand how to care for one? We could give you a million reasons why they need to own one or more.

But nothing will convince you better than shopping it first for them on www.ruffntumblekids.com or you can simply visit our retail stores nationwide.

Enjoy rocking your beautiful Ankara styles for longer.

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