All You Need to be Safe this Period.

It’s no news that that the elections are around the corner. Although, the nation has conducted elections in the past, this one has proven to be one of the most controversial so far.

People seem to want different candidates and a lot of people are willing to fight tooth and nail to defend their desired candidates. Sometimes, these debates grow into full blown violence and aggravates the already unfavorable conditions of the nation at the moment.

With insecurity experiencing new all-time highs each day, there’s need to ensure your safety and that of our little darling as we try to get through this period together.

To this effect, we’d be dishing out a few tips on how to vote easy and stay safe this election period.

  1. Go about your day carefully and do not stay out late.


  1. Kindly communicate your movements/ whereabouts with your loved ones. Always keep them posted with the happenings around you.


  1. Avoid the spread of fake news and look to reliable sources to get verified news. For this, you can look to our social media paged to see useful tips that will help you navigate your way this period.


  1. Try as much as possible to cut down the movements. But if you must, always carry a means of identification such as your National ID card, or company ID.


  1. Avoid Slanderous political statements as such statements could incite aggravation and this could degenerate into mild or major violence.


  1. Be careful with messages from strangers and do not open documents/links from unfamiliar sources.


  1. After performing your civic duties, do not hang around. Go straight to safety.


  1. Avoid demonstrations of any kind and places where there are riots.


  1. Carry on your shopping without coming to the store on . Victory is around the corner; we have to dress you up for that. Leave it to us to deliver your items safely to you.


We hope you find these tips very useful in ensuring your safety as we build a better Nigeria.


We’re all in this together!

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