Live. Love. Laugh.

‘Live, love, laugh’-these three words symbolizes a life filled with positivity, happiness and contentment.

You may not know it but literally everything we do-from work to leisure hours-is all geared towards ensuring we truly live, love and keep laughing.

In today’s world, one may argue that ‘love’ is a word used a little bit too loosely. Almost like the immaculate word ‘love’ is losing its weight as we progress.

But that can never be the case, at least not when we still have little children all over the world. When you look for love, you’d find it in the eyes of a child when they beckon on you to play games with them. When you look to laugh, look at kids in all their clumsiness, such natural comedians!

And when you’re looking to live? Live for them. Often times, you’d feel so full of love for your babies that you feel you can die for them but we’re asking you to live for them instead. They don’t want you gone; they want you there.

And how do you live for them? By acknowledging the love, they give you. You’re chasing contentment but it lives with you at home, in the bodies of your little ones. Kids love wholeheartedly and they give essence to the words ‘live, love, laugh’.

There’s just so much peace and contentment in a child’s world and to feel just as good as they do, we must learn how they effortlessly enjoy life’s moments by living, loving and laughing wholeheartedly, without a care in the world. This is what makes them such happy people.

On today’s episode of ‘nuggets by Ruff ‘N’ Tumble’, we’d be giving some tips to help you live, love, and laugh just like a happy child.


Yes, you’ve been living but what’s quality of life if it’s not lived to the fullest?

This is why we’re grateful for kids for showing us the light every time we need it. As a brand whose success story is built on prioritizing the happiness of kids, we can give you a glimpse into their world.

Kids lead such happy lives because they find joy in simple things like family. They’ve learnt to live in contentment, with what they have at the moment.

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Kids also communicate. They don’t need your permission to start that conversation. One thing with kids, they’d talk about any and everything. Their free spirit also lets them do what makes them happy without the fear of what people will say.

You see what we’re saying now? When was the last time you felt the need to communicate freely without fear of being judged? When was the last time you went to the beach and danced to the sounds of the wind without a care in the world? When was the last time you wore that fancy outfit without the fear of people calling you out for ‘doing too much’?

Do you get the picture now? Let’s start with fixing ourselves and then, the quality of our lives will improve.


Love is a beautiful thing. Sounds like a cliché but it’s true. And although kids love easily and are way too trusting, they’re ways to activate and sustain this love, especially this Valentine.

Kids love receiving gifts. This Valentine, we urge you to surprise them by showing them the meaning of love through our outfits.

Surprise your girl with our Red Chiffon dress or any other outfit of her choice from our Valentine’s collection. Styled with a sneaker or a pair of ballerinas, it’s all a matter of choice. Also accessorize with a cute bow in her hair and jewelries.

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Surprise your boy with our Ankara Graphic jacket. Pair this with a white or black tee on the Inside. Leave the jacket unzipped to reveal the tee. A pair of sneakers gives a stylish finish to this look. Add a pair of sunglasses if you wish and he’s good to go.

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Kids laugh for the most basic reasons. Everything is funny to them. It really doesn’t matter whether the joke is funny to them or not. Leave it to them to just laugh.

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And laughter, they say is the best medicine. They look at things light heartedly. You should try to emulate that. Not everything is deserving of a scowl or wrinkling of your beautiful face.

Sometimes, laugh. Laugh at the boring joke your beautiful children tell you. They laugh at yours too and best believe it’s not always funny to them. It’s all out of love, they want you to feel good.

So, laugh more, especially this Valentine period. Laugh and spread love.


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Go on and truly live, love and laugh this Valentine!

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