My kids were full of so much energy today after school, bouncy and extra attentive to me (way more than usual, help!). My 4-year-old daughter asked if there was something I needed her to help with and my son just left to change out of his school uniform without a word of prompting or faked threat from me!

After their lunch, they came to where I was seated to fawn over me again, and then, they asked me how they could make the coming Mother’s Day special for me. Hold on! Where were my kids and who were these wise ones sitting with me? They further whispered to me that even moms need a Hero and they wanted to be Mom’s Hero.

You can bet I asked what brought this to their dear young hearts, not to worry, I’ll tell you what was behind this. But first, let me tell you the 3 ways we came up with together to make mother’s day special for moms like me.

First, my daughter thought we could all dress in cool Afrocentric outfits and do a new family photoshoot to celebrate me. I love the idea and what’s even cooler is that I know just where to get the clothing! My favourite kids’ fashion brand, Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, always launch a mother’s day collection that includes Ankara dresses and tops for mums and kids as well, awesome right? and this year, I heard that the design team led by the Creative Director / Founder Adenike Ogunlesi, carefully curated amazing, trendy and colourful designs called The “Anko” Collection from their Afrocentric brand, Tímotiwá.

Next, my son said he and their dad would cook me breakfast (fingers crossed) and my little princess suggested they could bring it to my room so I didn’t have to come out early if I didn’t want to (breakfast in bed from my angels!).

Finally, my babies suggested that they and their dad could take me shopping since I was always taking them shopping! Wow, watch out for me Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, I’m buying every Tímotiwá design you have for moms, this is going to be so much fun!

So regarding what inspired my kids (I did promise to tell you, after all); the gist is, they had a talk on global days on their school assembly ground and the teacher in charge talked about mother’s day specifically. The school is planning something on the Saturday before Mother’s day to celebrate mothers (they sent a newsletter) and the kids were encouraged to think about how they could make it a special day for their mothers.

Sometimes we can learn from the innocence of our kids; so I am definitely not leaving my mom out of this. We are after all, a Generation of Love, Fun and Laughter. As we go to shop Ruff ‘n’ Tumble’s new mother’s day collection, I will also be my mom’s hero and get her some outfits from the ‘Anko’ collection. Want to know the best part? The best part is, you get a special mother’s day gift when you purchase this collection, so really, it’s like getting a gift in a gift! So let’s get pampered and step out in style this season.

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